The 4K TV thread

  • Inspired by the recent Talking Syndromes and my own scramble through the minefields of 4K TV shopping, I thought we could have a thread to help people who are thinking of buying a new TV.

    The two most important things to look for when buying a 4k TV are:

    • HDR10: It's important to note that a lot of TVs claim to have HDR but it's only HDR8. reddit has a list of TVs that are HDR10:

    • Latency: Arguably the most important thing to look for. High latency can absolutely ruin your gaming experience. The above list also tells you the latency of each model. How high is too high? Personally I wouldn't want to go much past 50ms (that's 1/20th of a second delay). Of course, if you're a MLG Street Fighter V player then you're probably going to need something a lot quicker. If you are in that category I would actually recommend shopping for a 4K monitor instead.

    Of course there are other more factors to consider based on personal tastes. How important are Smart TV features to you? What is your budget? What will your viewing angle typically be? How many HDR capable devices will you be hooking up? While most TVs have 3-4 HDMI slots, only HDMI2.0 is capable of transmitting HDR content. So if you have multiple devices capable of producing HDR, make sure to check how many of those slots are HDMI2.0. Otherwise you'll have to be constantly switching out cables or buying a spliter.

    Obviously reviews will need to be read to find out those finer details and find the ideal TV for your situation. But at least you can narrow it down with the required HDR and latency specs. is your best place for reviews. They are super-comprehensive about every aspect of a TV.

    My personal recommendation? The Sony X800D (known as the XD8088 in the UK just to make 4k shopping more confusing). Amazon UK started their Black Friday sales early and I got this TV for £600. It meets all the required specs for 4KHDR gaming and looks great. Playing Watchdogs 2 on PS4Pro is astounding to me. I can almost feel the warmth when I step out of a building into the San Francisco sun. While I'm sure other TVs do look better, they're all over the £1000 mark. So if you're looking for 4K gaming on a budget, this dominates the lower-mid end of the market. I'm not sure where Blooworth's idea that Sony TVs have a lot of latency issues came from. I've had no issues with X800D. Even when I switched it out of "game mode" to see if I could get a better picture, I didn't notice any kind of lag. Reviews have complained that image quality drops if you're viewing the TV at an angle and the sound isn't the greatest (neither of these are a problem to me - I always view the TV dead-on and I'm normally using headphones). So for that reason I can't make a blanket statement of "this is the TV you should buy" because like I said; everyone has their own personal situation and preferences.

    I'd love for anyone who's already purchased a 4TV to offer their opinions here. Maybe we can get some recommendations for different price points.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the reddit HDR10 list is actually missing the Hisense 2016 models. They're probably the cheapest HDR10 capable models on the market and have low latency so you should probably at least check reviews if you have a particularly tight budget.

  • For Americans, be careful on Black Friday, even those that are 4k will be missing features or may not have HDR, poor refresh rate, etc

    You get what you pay for, even the Samsungs that are on sale are often missing a lot of features, do your research first!