First Gaming System for my Family

  • Hey everyone! I'm a 34 year old gamer. Married with two kids keeps me from playing games anymore but I would love to share my love for gaming with my family. My wife, who isn't a fan of games, is intrigued and my kids are old enough (7 & 3) to enjoy them.

    I don't want to spend a lot of money so a PS4 or XBox1 is out of the question. Nintendo consoles are usually best for little ones but I think they'll most enjoy LEGO games and multiplayer games like that.

    Can you guys help me decide what might be best in this situation? Thanks for all your help. L&R!


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    Always love to read about people trying to introduce family/friends to gaming.

    One tip that I recieved is to go for a wider range of games. Do you wife like to watch TV shows with a special theme? then perhaps get games with a smiliar theme?

    I found this kinda interesting:

    Also I say that coop is one of the best ways to get into gaming. Like get a PS3 and Little Big Planet where you can play together and focus on teamwork rather than versus.

    With kids, I would STRONGLY recommen Jak & Daxter (the first game), this got my sisters into playing games when they were around 7-ish. Its simple, fun and a good feel for the media as a whole. Perhaps ask what they THINK they would like and suggest a couple of games.

    The MOST important thing that I can't stress enough. have PATIENCE with them. They WILL suck at start whilst working the controller, don't be too eager to "show them how". encourage them and be like "go on! you can do it!" and don't laugh at them when they run down a cliff or jump into an enemy.

  • @Lotias good tips thanks! Should be able to get a ps3 pretty cheap by now. that's what I was thinking too. Probably pick up some Lego games too. Great tips.

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    @Chris-Snow yeah Lego games are also good "family fun" that can be played with eaz. Then see what they might like and not like. Also remember that its about balance! if you wife agrees to play with you, then do something for her as well! :D

  • @Lotias said in First Gaming System for my Family:

    @Chris-Snow yeah Lego games are also good "family fun" that can be played with eaz. Then see what they might like and not like. Also remember that its about balance! if you wife agrees to play with you, then do something for her as well! :D


  • I agree, PS3 is a good choice and it offers a ton of variety, I'd also consider a Wii for good family games. The Mario Karts were some of the few games everyone in my family enjoyed playing!

  • Understand but Wii has such a small old software lineup I don't really want to deal with motion control either

  • @Chris-Snow Yeah good point.. I'll echo Lotias about Jak and Daxster though. The HD collection is really great

  • @Chris-Snow Jak and Daxter gets a third vote from me. That's one of the first game I ever played and it remains a favorite.

  • I think I'm stuck with a Wii, the wife wouldn't bite on a PS3. Any game recommendations?

    Also, how many controllers can you connect to a wii? I had a PS3 and 360 in that gen.

  • You can connect up to 4 controllers. There's a lot of great Wii games and don't count out Gamecube games if you happen to come across them.

    Some of my favorite Wii games are:

    • Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 - landmark Mario game
    • Kirby's Epic Yarn - Super easy, but such a jolly game. Art direction is very charming. Co-op play is a plus.
    • Zelda games - self explanatory.
    • Metroid Prime Trilogy - same as above.
    • Wii Sports - can't own a Wii without having this game.
    • Mario Kart - always a great party game.
    • Wario Ware Smooth Moves - fun party game that anyone can get into.
    • Just Dance - simple party game that kicked off a craze.
    • New Super Mario Bros. - 4 player co-op!
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns! - fantastic platformer! one of the best recent platformers.
    • Punch Out - classic gameplay.

  • @Chris-Snow Stuck with a wii? More like crushing it with a wii! So many great games! Plus you have access to the entire gamecube library as well. @matt already gave a solid rundown on what you can get, although I'd also add Smash Bros and, if you can get a copy of the gamecube version, Soul Calibur 2.

    I've also heard great things about Red Steel 2, Zak and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros's Treasure, Xenoblade Chronicles, and The Last Story, although those last two are more mature RPGs from what I understand and might not be as good for family games.

    For when the rest of the family is asleep, No More Heroes 1/2 and Madworld are also underrated wii gems. Then of course there's RE4, which many consider to be an all-time great.

  • Two simple suggestions you might be able to work with.

    1. NES Classic if you can find one anywhere. The value is ridiculous. Get your gaming foundation on.

    2. Nintendo DS Lite! Much like the Wii, you should be able to get one cheap, and it has a ridiculously huge library of incredible games, many of which have pass the system around multiplayer such as Advance Wars Dual Strike. No, that game isn't as violent as it sounds. As an added benefit, it can keep your kids occupied on car trips and such. Just slap something like a Pokemon Black/White or Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky on there and you're good to go for dozens of hours. If you can even eventually shell out for a second, third, etc. you can all play games on them together and bond through it. There's even hyper wholesome offerings like Nintendogs/cats and educational pieces like Professor Layton.

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    Get a PlaystationTV for like 40 bux, load it up with old PSOne games, PS2 remasters, and other goodness.

  • Just to give you guys an update, we ended up buying a Wii with two wiimotes/nunchucks, Mario Kart wii, Galaxy 2, Lego Batman 2, and of course Wii Sports. I think my kids will really enjoy this, and I may have to pick up Xenoblade later on for myself.

    BTW, am I the only fan of Xenosaga out there? The first one was the best.

    Thanks for all your help. L&R!

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    @Chris-Snow excellent choice! this would of been my next pick for you! Im sure that everyone will have lots of fun with that! and who knows, in the future maybe get other consoles? ;)

  • @Chris-Snow Just so you know, Xenoblade isn't really related to Xenogears OR Xenosaga. It is probably the best game on the Wii regardless, but just wanted to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

  • @Mbun Yep, no worries. I was just curious if anyone else actually liked Xenosaga.