Sadly, it isn't Halloween anymore.

  • So my gf and I have both bought the new Pokemon and are playing through it. While talking about it, the topic came up about wanting to see Kyle, Brandon and Ben dressed up as Team Skull Grunts (with all their goofy gestures and poses). Who would love to see that?

  • I'll take "80s 'tough on crime' cosplay" for 400.

    What is please stop it, Team Skull?

  • Team Skull is my favorite team of all time. Rocket was previously my favorite, and no team since them had really matched up at all in personality, theme, and likability. Team Plasma in Gen 5 was pretty cool how they evolved between games, but it was still not nearly on the same level of class Team Rocket oozes. I knew going into this game I'd like Team Skull, but I can't express how much I freaking love them now that I'm well into the game.

    So yeah, that'd make my day/month/year. Don't think cosplay is a big thing among the allies though, so it is just a pipe dream.

  • "I already have self esteem issues, man!"
    alt text

    They're almost as wacky as that kid outside the laboratory who's obsessed with knees.
    (for reference)
    Youtube Video

  • @Mr-M That kneecap trainer really stuck out to me, I'm glad I'm not the only one reveling in his strange attitude that is probably going to become a fetish for him later in life.