Pokemon Sun and Moon UI Discussion Only [No Pokemon/Story Spoilers]

  • Just wanted to have a non-spoiler discussion for the UI of Pokemon Sun/Moon. The UK Release is the 23rd, so I feel for you guys! (as well as anyone unable to play the game yet)

    I'm thoroughly impressed by it to be honest. It's polished as hell.

    My quick bullet points;

    • Learning/Forgetting Abilities, you only have to select "learn" or "forget new ability" once. Thank you so much!
    • When you have a pokemon in your pokedex before you fight them, it'll tell you how effective abilities are. Switching to another pokemon will show how effective their abilities are. It makes so much sense, as your pokedex would retain that information, and it adds an element of surprise and discovery when you encounter a new pokemon.
    • The PC letting you simply drag and drop between your party and boxes.
    • Battle Interface is aligned to the right and left, making one-handed use very intuitive and easy.
    • Bag Interface is really smooth. Not really sure what about it stands out. Anyone else have thoughts?

    I'd love to hear people's thoughts. Please keep it to discussion about the UI only, as the game isn't released in parts of the world yet, as well as people who are playing a bit slowly. (UK release is nov 23rd)

  • I really like it. Simple things like the ride controls feel really good.

    Now if only I could find a way to get those blue "i"s to go away...

  • @Haru17 The ride controls are fantastic, I'm a bit afraid to detail further as its sort of a spoiler.

  • The PC the PC the PC!! I can't fully express how much it pleases me as somehow who battles and trades with friends a lot how nice it is to have a simple and quick PC. No more entry menu. No more having to back out of moving Pokemon to move items. It can all be done on the same screen. Nothing else. I don't know what else they could do to perfect it in the future except my idea of maybe making a smart watch device that has the PC mobile for the next gen. Gamefreak I give you permission to take my idea.