Retrospective suggestions

  • Where would be the best place to suggest a Retrospective to the allies?

    The series I want the Allies to cover is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    A PC horror FPS RPG open world cult classic.

    With Jones being such a fan of openworld games, it bums me out knowing he hasn't played this game.

    Kyle loves context, and Call of Pripyat specifically has loads of context. Almost every build and location is modeled of a real world location or building. Here are some examples:

    Also in a recent podcast Kyle talks about how he likes when games have empty builds or pointless locations just to enrich the world. Stalker has a lot of this, in fact locations in the first game that are unimportant become relevant in the second game. The reverse is also true locations that were important, become irrelevant in the second game.

    I believe Huber has played Stalker, but would love to see him give it another shot. Huber always talks about vibes, and stalker in my opinion has some excellent horror mystery vibes.
    Stalker is know for it's A-life that makes "the Zone"(the area the game takes place) feel like a living breathing entity. The vibes I get from "the Zone", the very ground beneath your feet actively fighting you and wanting you to fail is unmatched in an other open world I've played.

    And the cherry on top is the first game Shadow of Chernobyl is getting close to its 10 year anniversary in march 2017.

    What do you think of a Stalker retro? What other games should they cover in the future?