The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

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    I'm just hoping (not much) that they release something standalone down the road or maybe dlc. Although I think people would hate the idea of multiplayer dlc.

    My money's on multiplayer being added to the inevitable PS5 re-release.

  • sad face

    TLOU MP was some of my all time favourite and I expected they would follow it up. Hard to be disappointed by TLOU Pt II once I get my hands on it, but damn thats a blow for me.

    Also... does 2 BD really mean your game is more ambitious, or is it more likely you just have more audio files than ever before?

  • @dipset
    Probably a combination of audio and textures.

  • It's an entire 2nd disk full of ambition guys.

  • I can't think of any good reason a game should take more than one blu-ray disc other than "we can't be bothered optimizing it."

  • Triple/quad layer Blu Rays might not be cost effective. Big games like RDR2 are 100gb+ plus anything else that Sony puts on there, like copy protection or the formatting that allows you to start playing while the rest of the game downloads probably push it up above that.

    RDR2 was 2 disks, btw.

  • @tokyoslim
    So will FF7, and doesn't Crackdown 3 and Gears 5 have 2 disc for the physical copies?

    Maybe someone can correct me but aren't 4K bluray a different format then standard blu-ray? Could of sworn I read something that the average dual layer Bluray that most games ship on, only holds about 50-55GB of data, while a single layer 4K bluray has about 70-80 GB of data?

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    aren't 4K bluray a different format then standard blu-ray

    Yes, the discs are not interchangable, if that's what you're asking. They are formatted differently and I think they have a different layering algorithms.

    people bought physical copies of Crackdown 3?

  • @hanabi said in The Last of Us Part II (PS4):

    I can't think of any good reason a game should take more than one blu-ray disc other than "we can't be bothered optimizing it."

    I mean... I'm not a tech wizard but I've heard that anything above a dual layer (80GB, I think) BD begins to have slowdown, especially running off of shitter Blu Ray players than a PS4 (i.e. some old Sanyo Blu Ray player or something).

    My guess is tons of textures and mostly WAV files. The current preview reports say the audio is top-tier and super crispy so it wouldn't surprise me that they forwent cutting any of that down to fit on a disc.

  • @dmcmaster Gears 5 is one disc.

  • I'm both relived and a bit angry at no multiplayer.

    On the one hand I'm angry as while I didn't play it often it was nice having a MP game that leaned further towards stealth.

    On the other that means that 100% of the team is working on delivering a hell of a SP game.

    Calling it now some kind of TLOU2 MP thing gets released on PS5

  • Axel already called it. :P

  • @dipset I get that but I mean, I don't know. Dual layer is like ~45 to 50 GB right? Maybe I'm just an old man telling kids to get off my lawn but I don't think any game really needs to be even that size, nevermind larger.

    Maybe it's just a cultural thing or something since I'm thinking of the dozens and dozens of Japanese titles that I've played that are at most 25 gigs while pretty much every western title I have on my shelf takes up 40 to 50.

    I feel like most of the size comes from audio files in all the different languages honestly, and while I'm not a fan of making something digital-only I feel like it'd be more cost-effective to just have the dominant languages of a market (so english, spanish and french for NA for example) on disc with the rest being a free DLC patch or something. I guess that'd be a much larger issue in markets like Europe however.

  • @hanabi
    I might be wrong but I think PEGI requires that all EU languages be on the disc, or else it can't be sold in the region or something

  • I wonder if games would have this shitty listen mode (x-ray vision) if more people owned surround sound systems.

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    I'm totally fine with that response. I'm certain we'll get something standalone.

    @ezekiel You might have a better time playing grounded mode, doesn't have the listen mode but it is tough.

  • @ezekiel
    I think I spent most of my first playthrough using the Sony Elite headset (god I wish Sony would make a successor to them, Platinum is nice but the bass isn't as strong) so I went without using the hearing mode except in one instance towards the end (like legit the very last moment with enemies)

  • @tokeeffe9
    You do know you can actually turn it off in the settings.

  • @sheria said:

    God, I love my Japanese games and I don't really need to say how many people come in to threads to hate those, calling it weeb/otaku trash just because of the art style, character designs or the developer behind it.

    Yeah, that frustrates me too. The fact that I have to defend Xenoblade Chronicles 2 because the people claiming it is objectifying are so laser fixated on Pyre's breasts they can't see the amazing game around them grinds my gears. To bring this back to the topic at hand, it'd be like blacklisting The Last of Us Part II for that trailer with the ladies making out. Unfortunate that's how they chose to promote it at that time because guaranteed buzz, but not worth throwing the game away for.

    Surprised the game looks like crap to you though. I get not appealing, but crap? The environments were gorgeous if nothing else right?

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