The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • That's too bad, I really wanted to play it this spring, especially with our present situation. It's what it is, patience.

  • So it will be a PS5 PS5 launch title kinda.

  • EDIT:

    April 02
    - Well... it isn't a joke anymore. The game is delayed so I revived my original butt hurt post...

    Despite how badly I want to play TLOU Pt II, and despite how much I adore a console's swan song (i.e. God of War II for PS2, TLOU 1 for PS3), I just don't really want to buy it for PS4 knowing it'll just release on PS5 or at least have a PS5 patch.

    Like TLOU:R came out on PS4, what, 12 months later and was basically the definitive version by far.

    Maybe by the time the PS5 version releases it'll have the online mode and I'll just bask in it all.

  • I hate ya'll lol

  • @scotty


    Not gonna lie, I am not sad about the delay. And now I even think that, if it will be near to holiday season; I will buy the PS5 with it. The more near to PS5 the more chance that I can play on PS5 without spoiled by stupid people on internet.


    We share that butthurt dude. Ahahahaha

  • Some new screenshots. Looking at these just makes me want the game more, but what can you do at these strange times.

  • @bam541

    Looks phenomenal!

  • Banned

    Delayed indefinitely. LOL, they worked their employees to death for nothing.

  • Please release this game, I Won't kill the dogs.... Maybe

  • PSA
    Apparently a lot of footage for TLOU2 has leaked. Just be careful.

  • I beg of everybody to not even mention or speculate or bring up anything pertaining to these leaks. We won't be playing TLOU2 for MONTHS so please try to avoid speaking on anything unofficial that isn't from ND or Sony. Please please pretty please.

  • Release date announced! June 19.

  • @bam541

    Oh thank god! I already blocked a ton of words and phrases on Instagram but I can't figure it out for Facebook. Might just have to use a burner YouTube account until June 19th.

    I got God of War spoilers on YouTube recommended without even searching for God of War so I might just have to avoid the platform for like 1.5 months.

  • Man people have been so dramatic with the whole delays assuming a bunch of stuff would get pushed off this year, like yeah things are bad, but these are clearly just logistic and distribution issues that require additional planning and moving pieces around, not production halting difficulties that mean nothing is coming out, glad to see the delay ended up being relatively short.

  • @dipset there's a great Chrome Extension that allows you to block keywords on youtube, I used it back when Persona 5 was gonna come out and it worked wonderfully.

    I think it was this one

  • @bard91

    Thanks man! I'll use that, then just never touch YouTube on my smart TV.

  • @dipset

    Spoiler Protection 2.0
    Improve Youtube

    On the first one, add every word you think to avoid them all around the internet. Second extension is awesome for youtube; you can close recommended videos(how I get spoiled usually :/), end video screen etc.

    Use the force Harry. :DD

  • Great news the thought that this ff 7 & cyberpunk coming out the same year will make goty a bloodbath.

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    Mod Note: We're getting a bit too close to hinting at story and themes of TLoU2 in these discussions. I have created a topic with full open spoilers for this and am in the process of moving posts. Please be mindful in the discussion you're having, if there are a lot of complaints on this topic, it will be closed and talk of the leaked content will be removed from the forum

    Update: After further consideration, ann discussion of the leaks/spoilers will be removed. I'll leave a note in the other topic where I moved the posts and close that topic.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'd say remove such posts entirely. And a full spoiler thread for this? At this point? Due to the weird preview thing we have here only a single accidental glance is needed to suddenly spoil something huge for oneself. Zero tolerance for spoiler leaks, please.