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    On a different subject, while I find transgenderism a delusion and the current methods extremely crude, there are still stories dealing with the subject or having trans characters that I really appreciate, like the Japanese new wave movie Funeral Parade of Roses and that long chapter in Sandman. I just don't expect something like that from some woke douche from California.

    This is really off base. If you don't have something nice to say then don't say it. No need to make comments that bring a group of people down in order to lift up your "superior" taste in film. You can like those movies without disregarding the meaningful existence of an entire group of people.

  • Folks we've been down this road before. Do not engage, I repeat do not engage.

  • It kind of turns me on when Zeke talks about new wave Japanese film

    Last of Us 2 looks cool also

  • I'll wait to play this since what I've seen doesn't really drive me crazy, and I got a bit curious and finally looked at the spoilers, and man to the people that find the twist offensive or that it damages the game concept, I honestly don't know what to say ... maybe stop living in the 50s I guess.

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    I've personally seen all of the leaks and I must admit I'm someone who no longer wants to buy it. I found the initial LoU to be mediocre at best but the narrative of the sequel I already dislike as well as the treatment of the main characters.

    sher, you should get Doom Eternal instead. its masterpiece.

    Yeah, yeah. It's on the list ^. ^

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  • Before this conversation goes further, I think it's important we all ask ourselves the most important question of internet discourse:

    Do you really believe that your next post will move the conversation forward in any way towards some sort of mutual understanding?
    If no, do not post/engage.
    If yes, stop lying to yourself and move on with your life.

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    Look man. All I am trying to say is that you should keep opinions that dehumanize people to yourself. Your original post that I took offence to had no connecting tissue from calling a vulnerable group of people delusional and your criticism of Druckmann.

    At this point, I'm not really looking for that criticism either. I just think you should be more cognizant of what you say to and about people.

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  • I have been thinking about how to word this for a while because one part of my brain wants to just say "fuck off," but the other, more rational part is telling me that being uncivil helps nobody, so here's two "transgender people for dummies" articles. Zeke, you are literally ignoring science to spew hate.

  • Been awhile since I played a game from midnight release for 5 hours straight.
    Will say one visual effect that I think was meant to simulate gnats had me thinking my TV was about to die. Wasn't till I left the room when the screen cleared up.

  • First three hours behind and the actual journey has started. What a strong foundation this has, beautifully done. Powerful.

    It's started to feel like home again with the controls and the general atmosphere and mood. Game rhytm, even. Slow-paced checking of the world and all the places, just wondering a lot of stuff and having these small conversations in a natural manner. And of course the way this all looks is just breath-taking. And the characters themselves look more alive and emotional people than ever before. Ellie's caught me off guard already a few times with her nonverbal messasing, the way she looks another person.

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    Hell even the in game facial model are more detailed then I was e expecting, seriously next conversation just swing the camera around and watch Ellie's face

  • Faced the first human enemies, this was intense. I gotta say that I like the tension in these encounters more than with the infected. The AI is simply fascinating to follow and see how the enemies react to everything. They are dangerous and clever even, trying to ambush the player and holding their ground, too. I love it.

    My partner did something that's new to this game: they got surprised by an enemy, shot the enemy, but that all brought two new people into the mix and our cover was blown. My partner then came to me, said they were sorry and that that was all their fault. At that point I was like O_o. Like did you really just apologize for that whole random act that just happened? Wow.

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    @sentinel-beach A Canadian must have programmed the partner AI.

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    Had that happen too, was it the lunch courtyard of the school?

  • Loving the first two hours. I like the way they are telling the story jumping between a few characters. Such a fun way to set everything up.

  • 9,5 hrs is my first day with the game. In a couple of ways, because I stopped when "Day 2" hit the screen. The section right before that is in my opinion perhaps the best TLoU has offered in either of the games so far. I was just... it was magic. Just yes. Oh yes.