The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • @el-shmiablo I agree with this, some youtubers/streamers are shitting themselves because of the fear of backlash. I can't really blame them its their lively hood . Still it's sad to see.

  • @paulmci27 That's what Alanah Pearce was saying a few days back. That the biggest pressure reviewers feel is not from publishers or editors but from the public.

  • @phbz
    I feel like that one is circumstantial, depending on thier position.

    Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, Giant Bomb all getting marketing money to promote some game on the site probably has a reason to praise a game. Remember Kane & Kazooie with Gamespot?

    Meanwhile Youtubers have a audience to placate, that audience is expecting to hear review scores or grades or whatever leaning in one direction or another.

  • @dmcmaster I think you meant Kane & lynch.

    But I think it's not the norm, otherwise you would have tons of similar stories through the years, particularly when you have such a high turnover. Also because a case like this does irreparable harm to the publication once exposed. Yes, there's promiscuity (there's a lot of honest fanboyism too) but there's plenty of examples on all publications you listed of negative reviews and articles against publishers. Microsoft alone would have blacklisted GameSpot if that kind of pressure was standard in the industry.

    On the other hand harassment towards reviewers is pretty common. And pretty vicious nowadays.

  • @dmcmaster As Alanah points out in her video, the marketing team and the editorial team are completely separated in these places. Yes, IGN as an entity does have reason talk positively about a game if that game is plastered all over the front page. But the teams are separated internally to make sure that they don’t have that kind of bias,

  • @phbz
    Auto correct strikes again. Although I'm keeping it because it sounds funny

  • Some mild spoiler for TLOU2, but there's one next gen detail no one is talking about. Real time bubble reflections.
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster Seeing the difference of TLOU1 to U4 and TLOU2 is so bizzare. Hopefully we'll see jumps like this again when the end of the next gen comes up.

  • @bam541 said in The Last of Us Part II (PS4):

    @dmcmaster Seeing the difference of TLOU1 to U4 and TLOU2 is so bizzare. Hopefully we'll see jumps like this again when the end of the next gen comes up.

    To be fair, and kudos to ND, there's actually very little difference between U4 and TLoU2. It goes to show how far ahead of the game they have always been graphics wise.

  • Finished NG+ and got the platinum trophy. Here's some excellent music to celebrate!

    Crooked Still - Little Sadie (from The Last of Us Part II)
    Youtube Video

  • @sentinel-beach Oh damn, congrats! I envy people who can stomach another play through of this horrifying video game.

  • @bam541
    It's not that horrifying, if anything I think MGS3 left me more of a wreck.

    Although It took 3 weeksends for me to complete TLOU2, while I think I marathoned MGS3 in like 14ish hours.

  • @dmcmaster I haven't played MGS3 so I don't know what that's like, but man, I started the NG+ of this game a few days ago, and seeing Joel cleaning that guitar made me way too sad already. I immediately turned off the game. I feel like me marathoning the game in a span of 3 days amplified my feelings of the game.

  • @bam541
    I'm honestly thinking of replaying TLOU1 before doing NG+ on 2.....I get the feeling that might be a bad idea

  • From kind of a clickbaity source, but there is one little detail present in the ending I missed, and maybe you guys did too

    Ellie made up with Dinah off screen before heading to the farm.

  • That’s pretty interesting but is it bad that I have no recollection of this bracelet whatsoever?

  • @dipset Yes, I think it's bad :p

    That's a super neat observation though.

  • @dipset Yes. Very bad. Horrible even. You're basically Kratos from God of War 3 now.

  • @dipset
    If I recall Ellie gets it at the start of Day 2 I think.

  • I know I'm pretty late to the party here but finished the game about a week ago and I personally loved it. I know reactions have been diverse to say the least but most of this game just totally clicked for me.


    Personally though my favorite part was the boss fight with Ellie. I'm sure it's be discussed here and I should comb though the messages to find those talking points but this was my favorite boss fight ever. Does anyone recall any other games where you fight the protagonist? I'd agree the mechanics are a little odd as some stuff like grabbing is disabled but mostly I love this cuz of the internal conflict it created within me. I died multiple times during the boss fight but my reaction was mixed, on one hand I got a little frustrated when I failed, but at the same time I didn't mind getting to see Ellie get her revenge. It was just so surreal to go into listen mode and see Ellie's silhouette, armed to the teeth with all the weapons I helped her collect and upgrade. I also like how she uses most of her arsenal, I saw her throw Molotov and set up bombs. A couple times when I tried throwing a bottle at her she'd dodge it. Also after the fight the cut scene where Abby is just wrecking Ellie and Dina was maybe the first time the violence really got to me. At this point I'd smash a ton of dudes and ladies heads in against a wall or something but seeing it happen to Dina made my stomach turn. I know this stuff didn't land as well with others but this boss fight just messed with me in a way no other game had done. Hats off.