The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • @ozymandsss Love and Respect to you as well. I think you have total valid reasons for not liking it but I think a big reason I was able to enjoy that section of the game and the game over all was I was just there for the ride. I know ND style, they are going to tell you their story, you as the player just get to experience it, not change or mold it.


    Spoiler I so appreciate being put in this position that I'd never been before in gaming. I'd never been in a boss fight that I was okay with losing, it honestly just messed with me in such an interesting way, for me personally this boss fight 100% validated playing as Abby for so long.

  • Ok, I'm sorry all. I have to admit, I don't know how to spoiler tag! Can someone please advise and I'll edit my post! Sorry!

  • @ozymandsss Sure thing:

    When you click to create a new post or reply, click on the last icon to the right. You'll see >! Spoiler

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  • @Brannox Got it! Thanks and sorry again!

  • Good job it wasn't a mega spoiler

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    Yeah god forbid someone spoiled Nate, Sully and Jak having to put down a infected Daxtar

  • @dmcmaster I knew I should have muted this thread!

  • There's a montage/music video edit of this game with Radiohead's Exit Music (For A Film) and it's so damn good. Heavy spoilers, of course.

    Youtube Video

  • I'm late to the party I know, but I just rolled credits on this one after playing for 26 hours, and wow. This has without a doubt one of the most compelling, and daring, narratives I have ever seen in a game. It has made me feel things that no game ever has, or any piece of media really. That's not to say it's perfect, hell I would even say it's a bit messy, but it culminates into an experience that is, for better or worse, peerless.

    I just tried to write a bunch of thoughts, but it all ended up sounding like gibberish, slightly because of exhaustion but also because it's a hard one to wrap my head around. It's not an easy game to just write thoughts about because it is so narratively compex. Maybe I'll come back later when I have more concrete thoughts, but I'll leave you with this: this is a deeply upsetting game, and is oftentimes incredibly difficult to want to play, however I am immensely glad I did. Never before has a game brought tears out of me not due to sadness, but because it made me so incredibly overwhelmed that tears were the only form of release I had. It grinds you down until you are nothing, but it rarely feels cheap.

  • @capnbobamous
    Hell I've been trying to write my own thoughts in a coherent manner on TLOU2 for the last week or so and still have trouble putting it down into words, although that's more of a me issue.

  • I haven't watched it for myself, but Kyle talked about this game on his stream. Here's the archive for it, timestamp included (there might be an edited version soon). I've been curious about his opinion, gonna watch it ASAP.

    Youtube Video – [6:12:00..]

    Edit: Just watched it. Ah, I missed Kyle so much! I should watch his streams more. He brought great points as usual and present it in his super entertaining way. I love his thoughts about the ending especially, and how he structured his talk to be also about storytelling in general. Glad to see I'm not the only one who's not gonna play the story again, lol.

  • Someone in Kyle's twitch chat mentions this last journal entry that I totally missed. It's pretty cool. Here's the entry

  • I just finished it and still shaking from it. What a game man! Probably will write something later.

  • Def liked Kyle's take on the game. I agree with him that the game tries to make you feel things you don't want to feel but it finally got me near the end.

  • Victor Lucas did a Spoilercast with Neil Druckmann.

    Youtube Video

    I think this is really great because they don't go beat for beat, but compare TLOU2 to Uncharted and TLOU1. Broad stroke future of gaming topics and some insight about taking risks.

  • "Last of Us Part II Designer Breaks Down the Game's Best Level"

    Youtube Video

  • I didn't write something this long for a media in a looong time, so if anyone is interested, here is my thoughts about the game.(It's a bit sloppy)

    The Last of Us was a masterpiece, it’s still the best 2nd game ever I’ve ever played. I remember the 2nd game’s announcement, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the news and while I was watching the trailer tears started to drop. Then I’ve waited for 3.5 years to play it, I also remember how I got excited after E3 demo, it was coming better than ever. Then unfortunately leaks happened, people started campaigns to destroy it by spoiling everywhere, as much as I tried to avoid them I saw a couple things and also my expectations about the game shaked and I started to feel ‘’Is it going to be that bad?’’ and I was afraid to find out that honestly. But ND was my favourite dev and I was already get used to that big spoiler by the time I started to play the game, so in a sense I was prepared for it.

    First things first, The Last of Us Part II have 2 big flaws and these things keep it from be better than the first game:
    -Story isn’t as strong/impactful as the first game.
    -Soundtrack is much weaker than the first game.

    Also some other flaws that are not as big as the above ones:
    -Except the last one, I didn’t care a lot about none of the flashback scenes.
    -Joel pushed aside more than I expected; this is not ‘’Joel and Ellie’s story’’, it’s ‘’Ellie and Abby’s story’’ for sure.
    -Owen is one of the weakest ND created characters and he was the most boring one from Abby’s side of the story.
    -It could be shorter than current version.

    Now that we spilled all the poison, I can start to tell how awesome every other thing is:

    Gameplay is really good. I loved all the new things they added. Dodge and prone are game changers. Using the environment for stealth and running away, sliding between those gaps etc. Also silencer is a really great addition. Combat is really fun because of how dodge mechanic works. Also, playing as Abby and using the ‘’Momentum’’ upgrade was another satisfying thing. I am just unsure about the ‘’feeling the kill’’; I feel like both melee and weapons were more satisfying and solid in the first one. Another great thing is the AI, they are really smart and corner you in short time, they don’t wait behind covers to get shot and if they are more than 2, it is really challenging(I loved the part where Jessie just left at the mall and as Ellie using underwater for stealth, I was expecting to use it since I saw swimming is involved in previous chapters). Scars are really dangerous, their bow&arrow and whistles are intimidating.(Sniping them from the top of a subway was one of the best moments from the game). I am a little bit sad about replacing the nail bomb with new mine, beacuse we were able to throw nail bomb unlike mine. :/

    Making Ellie and Abby’s gameplay different both melee and weapon wise was a good choice. You can feel Abby’s military background and Ellie’s survivor type. Another thing is Abby’s chapters starting from the woods was more enjoyable and interesting than Ellie’s chapters, I almost felt like they did it on purpose and gave the best parts to Abby.

    When I come to the story I can say that it was really nice, like I said it isn’t better than the first game but still it’s solid and worthy story to tell. It was very interesting to feel all the anger at first for Abby and getting satisfaction from the all the kills but at the end those feelings weren’t strong as before. I don’t like Abby so much but I can say that I understand her and I’m not dissapointed about letting her go. My only complain is about her torturing to Joel, it’s just there to make player even more angrier and filled with revenge. Abby would have just kill him without torturing. Another funny thing is I hated at first to play as Abby and I was saying to myself that ‘’Don’t try to make me empathize with her, I hate her and I hope she dies’’ but with Lev&Yara I started to feel different for Abby. ‘’You are my people’’ scene was the climax of it I guess. Still, I would be pretty pissed if the final fight was Abby’s beating of Ellie, thank God it wasn’t. That fight was interesting, I can’t say I enjoy it a lot but it was a very rare occasion even first time maybe that I wasn’t feeling sad at all whenever Ellies kills Abby; in fact I was enjoying it. :DDD

    Last part of the game is what gets me the most, I have a problem about farm part because it causes a pacing problem. I’m glad it wasn’t the epilogue because it would be unsatisfying. After all the things both Ellie and Abby been through I wasn’t as obsessed as before about the revenge but Ellie was and final fight began; it was sure a good feeling to beat the shit out of Joel’s killer but when Ellie started to drown her I realized I wouldn’t be as happy as I expected if she killed her, because this story showed me perspectives and what both Ellie and Abby lost for revenge and Ellie literally lost herself, it was very sad to see it. After she let them go I was sitting with the gamepad in my hand and feeling heavy because of all the impact this game made. Final flashback got me bad man, so so bad. Fricking Druckmann did this on purpose and bastard was successful at it. I was crying, I was crying and thinking all the memory this duo could make if none of this shit happened. I was crying because of all the emotions and possibilities for the dad and daughter. Another thing is this flashback added even more heartache to Ellie’s grief. I said twice now that story isn’t as strong as the first game but I can wholeheartedly say that final scene was stronger than the first one’s which I love a lot too.

    So yeah, this was my experience. Part II broke me emotionally, I finished it days ago but it’s still in my mind and in my heart. I love the thought of a game can affect a person this much. It was a heartbreaking journey but if somehow the Lord gave me a second chance at this moment, I would do it all over again.

  • Just curious but did anyone see the leaked factions footage during the big leak? Like I know most people were focused on the story stuff, but I remember there being a good hour of factions footage.

  • @dmcmaster

    I saw 11 seconds youtube video. Also I'm curious about how they will promote it. Will it be free for the people who has Part II or will it be a 40$ game for everyone?

  • Sterling's lastest video. Very well written piece. And his British aristocrat character always cracks me up.
    Youtube Video