The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • @scotty Oh really? Didn't know that. Well, my idea still applies for any standalone/spinoff thing that they'll do. Maybe they'll just take a long break for the franchise after Factions release.

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    Maybe they'll just take a long break for the franchise after Factions release.

    That's most likely possibility. I hope their rumored next IP which is a sci-fi is Savage Starlight and I hope to God that it is not an FPS like the rumors suggest.

    @bam541 said in The Last of Us Part II (PS4):

    my idea still applies for any standalone/spinoff thing that they'll do.

    I want them to make it a trilogy but I wouldn't be so surprised if they go to this road with spin-off game for Abby&Lev.

  • @scotty I just looked into the rumor you're talking about, and man, it sounds pretty cool to me. I definitely prefer third person though, unless they doing some cool immersive HUD shit.

  • @bam541

    I prefer TPS over FPS anyday of my gaming life. :DDDD I don't despise FPS but if you give me options for the FPS games, I'd love to play all of them as TPS games; I'm sure I would be more willing to see them until the end.

  • I've said this before but I'd personally prefer TLOU to be a anthology series, I just feel that limiting the franchise to the same characters would limit it in the long run. That said I could see a expansion that acts as a sort of Epilogue to Abby and Lev after the ending, seeing as Lost Legacy was like a psudeo Epilogue to Uncharted 4. Although I also wouldn't mind DLC that fills in some gaps of the story (like TLOU1 and showing how Ellie got Joel to safety)

    That said last they said there are no plans for DLC, and I think the only thing being worked on is Factions as a separate game.

  • @dmcmaster Anthology series sounds pretty good to me. I can kinda see ND being cute and naming the next game TLOU 2 (y'know, instead of part 3 or whatever). Maybe it could be like a Final Fantasy situation where each numbered entry is it's own world. I would love it if they use this as an excuse to explore non-US settings.

  • @dmcmaster

    Opposite to some people, I never liked the idea The Last of Us as anthology series.

  • @bam541
    That's part of the reason I hope it would be a anthology series to not only explore other regions of the US, but also other countries. Maybe it's me but Ireland seems like a awesome location for TLOU. At the same time Maybe explore lesser seen parts of the US like St.Augustine. coastal town with a big giant fort in it, granted I just want to see like a tourist town ravaged by an apocalypse.

  • @dmcmaster yeah that sounds cool, I kinda want them to try out cities with extensive underground areas next, just to really pump the claustrophobic horror feel of the game. Also, if they ever explore non-US areas, it would be perfect to showcase more mutated forms of the infected. It would be cool to see some new enemies that are only found in certain locations because the mutation determinants are localized in that location or whatever.

  • @bam541
    Fuck the part with the Rat King already damn near gave me a heart attack. Can barley imagine what someplace like the French Catacombs would do to me lol

  • Awesome boss. It was really stressful to kill that thing.

  • Banned

    That whole encounter was very stressful, from the introduction to the chase to the final showdown. I was getting Souls vibes the whole time because of how intimidating the whole experience was.

  • The Rat King was straight outta The Evil Within and I wish The Last of Us as a series leaned into that type of gameplay more than it does because nobody does control and movement as well as TLOU. Fuck that whole section is S C A R Y.

    Also, randomly watched this last night on YouTube -
    Joel - Future Days (from The Last of Us Part II)
    Youtube Video

    I think this is one of the best scenes in the series, especially given the context of both games and their outcomes. I went back and listened to the Pearl Jam version and the live performance by Eddie Vedder and I legitimately feel like this cover version just breaths so much energy into the lyrics that I wouldn't have connected with at all if I took the song in on it's own.

  • @dmcmaster damn the french catacomb monster would be creepy as heck, imagine it somehow incorporating a bunch of human skulls from there to it's body, and it's like this multi skulled thing with fungus heads coming out of the eye holes.

    alt text

  • Can you guys tell me the tense track that plays first just before Ellie goes to the basement at the mansion? At 1.30 on the last Abby trailer:

    Youtube Video – [01:29..]

    It was an awesome track to put you in a mood. Chills!!

    Edit: Found it!

    Youtube Video

    Awesome track to get you in the mood!!!

  • Great story for the final chapter, just chills man!

    Youtube Video

    Just not sure about visiting Joel's house.

  • WOW! Can't believe they are spinning this off so soon.

    Ellie & Abbie Trailer
    Youtube Video

  • I am watching the last scene again and I want them to announce new game without showing anything at the start of the video but Ellie's hand, so we can get excited "Is it? Noo way! Ohh it is!" etc.


    Congrats to the team! First game is in the third place btw. Can't wait for what's next from Naughty Dog.

  • I just found out that you can do this, it's such a Cool Action Movie move, lol.

    Youtube Video