The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

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    @Klinjon Yeah I thought ND said they could see letting another developer take over Uncharted..

    I just think it had too good an ending to carry on with the same characters..

    Yeah it would have to be a new cast to justify continuing the story, especially since U4 had such a great ending! Maybe a new instalment could feature cameo's from known characters, set in the same universe, but focus on a whole new adventure?

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    I have a small feeling Days Gone started as a TLoU side project

    Oooooo back door shady deals! ;) it definitely has a similar asthetic, but everything we've seen so far seems to suggest its going to be vastly different from TLOU.

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    I'd want less cinematic moments and more focus on the incredible, dynamic gameplay. Open up

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    @Kaminski said in The Last of Us 2:

    I'd want less cinematic moments and more focus on the incredible, dynamic gameplay. Open up

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    Because cinematic inturruptions ruin games for me. I rather story be told primarily through gameplay as much as possible a la the Souls games and Metroid. Self propelled exploration and discovery does wonders for an experience.

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    I think he's teasing TLOU 2. I'm gonna throw up!

  • Trailer was nicely paced visually and pretty clear in its statement of tone, but I feel it was at odds with the arc of the first game. Could be intentional, but I'm immediately put off by it.

    I like the 'Part II' though, I think that says a lot about its focus.

  • @Ringedwithtile That's rather inherent with a time skip.

  • Naming it Part II really makes the statement that you have to have played the first one. They are not holding narrative punches with this one.

  • @Haru17 How so? How is anything inherent in the passage of time?

  • Hope it is a Part 2 and not a Part Deux.

  • definitively intrigued, but I know that I'm gonna be very critical after playing the mess that was the Uncharted PS3 trilogy, still I do remember liking the first a lot, so hopefully this one will be great

  • @Ringedwithtile A "time skip" is a narrative device to do with — but not just — the passage of time. Distance is inherent to a time skip because these characters have been living, changing, and evolving for the past 7-odd years. We as the audience haven't spent that time with them, so it's only natural to feel that distance in the literal first look we have at the new game. One must grow acclimated to feel at home.

  • @Haru17 I understand, I just think it's a very odd choice to open with Ellie, a character they've spent an entire game and a dedicated DLC developing, driven by a motivation we've never seen her express; and still with someone she's already proven she's capable without, and, in her last moment on-screen (chronologically speaking), doubtful of. Putting her in this position isn't exactly a 180, but it moves against how her character has been developed previously, which is why I'm a bit put off by it.

    I get that she's changed, that much is apparent, but the trailer draws questions about what's happened between the time it captures and the first game, but puts more emphasis on what's going to happen after she puts down the guitar.

    It's just a trailer after all, I look forward to hearing more, but I don't think it's a very compelling reveal.

  • TLOU was one of my favourite games of all time so I was jumping around when TLOU Part 2 got announced.

    Absolutely over the moon and grinning from ear to ear :D

  • Even though I've said over and over that they shouldn't use the same characters.. I'm totally sold so far and can't wait to see more.

  • @Faaip Exactly my thoughts. I didn't think it would be a good idea, because it ended so perfectly, but now after that trailer I'm 100 % onboard. And that title is just... ahh. So classy. Part II. Like Kyle said, now come the consequences. It's not over with Joel and Ellie.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah I think there will be some consequences for sure. The tone was really interesting.. it looks like it could be even darker than the first, if that's possible haha.

    I might be reading too much into it.. but Joel seems kind of timid in the trailer. Its almost like he's afraid of Ellie (those dead people) and isn't really the tough guy he was in the first game. I think Ellie will be the focus and some really intense stuff has happened since the last time we saw them.

    I hope we get to play as both characters again but maybe with her as the main playable character. Unless Ellie is setting off on her own quest, which could explain Joel's apprehension.. or if he's dead

  • Two things that LoU2 needs to have:
    Better combat if they are going to force you into those situations, and it needs to run at a locked 60 FPS. As for the story, I can't really say I care. I would have preferred it just being another story with new characters in the same world, but if it's Ellie and Joel, then I want to primarily play as Ellie escaping from Joel because he's become just like everybody else you were fighting against in the first game.

  • Honestly, I'm beyond happy it's a confirmed project. Now, I'm content to sit and wait. Like a lot of Sony's 1st party IP, they're building up a great line up to parse out over the next few years. EASILY my favorite moment from today's keynote.

  • 'The Last of Us Part II is about hate.' —Neil Druckman