The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

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    I love that the Naughty Dog animator turned it into mild promo where he sits down for an interview and explains how they’ve been working on seamless transitions between gameplay and cinematic. It’s like he was ready with the rebuttal.

    Also, super excited for the multiplayer to return. The Last of Us MP is the only competitive MP I’ve enjoyed in years. It has that tactical third person feel to it that almost no games have anymore. There was a mild learning curve that required you to build your skill set. It was almost ruined by pay-to-win micro transactions and I hope to god that Sony doesn’t pull that bs again.

  • Here's an analysis of the amazing animations in the demo by an animator.

    Youtube Video

  • I wonder if multiplayer will have facebook integration again.

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    What do I want?

    Remove the heavy aim assist. I should be able to disable it completely if I wish. Why can I do this in Uncharted but not in TLoU. I can still see the heavy aim assist in this new trailer.

    Make Ellie bi. Just my preference. I rarely see bi women in popular media these days. Always straight or gay.

    Good AI. This trailer was obviously so scripted. I also want more kinds of infected. Have the virus evolve. The clicker isn't really an interesting enemy. It gets old, just moving slowly and being in no real danger. The tension very quickly wears off.

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    Im about to start a playthrough of the first game, I havent played it since PS3, so will be interesting to revisit it and see how it has aged. This will also give me more of an idea of what I will want from a second game.

  • Not exactly related with the game itself (?), but Keighley's been going crazy lately.

  • February 21st, 2020. The trailer definitely told us the premise now. The reason for revenge and hate. And that moment with Joel... What a feeling. :)

    The Last of Us Part II | Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4
    Youtube Video

  • That was a great trailer. Just enough new story beats shown. I forgot how good this game looks, man oh man it's just so beautiful. It seems like there will be even more open areas like Madagaskar and Western Ghats from the last two Uncharted games. I'm so excited to see how far they take it, those open areas are like the best parts of those games.

    Also, Joel looks weathered and old as heck, He's more badass now.

    Huber's probably freaking out at the game right now as we speak. Can't wait for his preview.

  • Seattle in vidya games is so hot right now.

  • Definitely getting the Collector's Edition for this. (For the first game I bought the Joel Edition.)

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  • Everything looks awesome! Gameplay, story part(I'm sure it won't just be about revenge and will get more and more deeper through the game) and Ellie&Joel team-up. Again!

    Naughty Dog says that this is their most ambitious and longest game to date and I don't have any reason to doubt them. They are the best developer of the industry for me for a long time.


    If everything goes according to plan for me, I will get the CE for sure. This one of those ''Once in a life time'' moments.

  • Joel is dead.

  • I'm looking forward to getting the steelbook, the cover is pretty great.

  • Sooooooo I found out today that the CE will cost 180 € here. I honestly thought it'd be more like a hundred euros which I was willing to pay. Now it's starting to look I'll get the Special Edition after all. Whatchagonnado.

  • I like Standard Edition's cover more than Steelbook cover. Also in SE's cover, you can really see the ''hate'' from Ellie's face and I really like that it is discomfortable.

  • So many butt hurt people hating on TLOU II.

  • @iboshow What are they even saying? That trailer was great.

  • @mbun The usual naughty dog hate

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    @mbun You would actually be surprised at the amount of hate Sony games get for being just that.
    Ive literally seen dozens of people claiming this is nothing more than a press 'X' to win/walking simulator/movie.