The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

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    I'm just gonna guess, but play NG+ on a new difficulty?

  • @dmcmaster Yeah but I don't think I have it in me to replay the whole game just so I can get cheats. Hopefully there's an exploit or something.

  • While I was playing the game and saw how they implemented the shooting legs and making enemies crawl, then be able to crash their heads without spending any resources; I realized that RE Village/RE4 Remake definitely need it. It was one of the annoying things in the remakes that you can't just crash their skulls with your heel. Also melee combat needs to evolve and be more enjoyable. Using the knife was the most boring thing in action.

  • @scotty While I too miss the more melee focus of RE4 and 5, I also think the remakes have more dynamic combat in that regard. Whereas in 4 and 5 you would literally repeat the same actions of stun>run up>melee into knockdown state>ground finisher, 2 has me picking and choosing encounters.
    Like you legit don't need more than a single round to dispatch most enemies in 4 and 5, because you can almost always finish them with melee cheesing after the initial stun and knockdown.

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    I started to play REs with remake of the second so I don't know about 4 and 5 but after Part II, I even felt more annoyed about not being able to crush their heads when they are crawling; it was annoying while playing it a year ago but now it has doubled down. I'm also not expecting Part II level of melee combat focus but I hope we can do more than just swing our -not so effective- knife.

  • I'm pretty sure it will be the best selling exclusive of PS4.

  • So awhile back I mentioned I was going to make a video review of TLOUpt2, that hasn't been completed yet because as I've found out I don't know how to talk into a microphone properly (and have trouble killing/ muting some background noise), and I might have hit a wall in the form of my own writing/ speaking abilities not quite being up to snuff for something like TLOU2 just yet. So I put TLOU2 on the back burner, working on some smaller things to get accustomed to things (speaking mostly) and getting my thoughts more organized after a second play thru at some point soon-ish. That said there was one thing I finished that being a simple short intro (just spliced footage, nothing fancy) but figured I'd post it and see anyones thoughts on it
    Youtube Video

  • I just finished the game a couple of days ago. I've definately given the game a bit of stick leading up to its final release but having now played the game from start to finish I must admit to having a really good time with TLoU2.

    The gameplay was solid and the level of exploration available was spot on for me, it allowed just enough freedom to wander off and immerse yourself more in this mostly abandoned world and avoided turning yet another game into an unnecessary sandbox. The story definately has its problems but I already knew it all from the leaks anyway.

    I still can't stand the Director but I can't lie that they've at least delivered a solid good game here. It's a 7.5 from me and I'm glad I gave it the time.

  • @dmcmaster

    Hey man. I feel you. I actually have editing experience and all that and I still struggled to make a half decent video about Life Is Strange that I lost motivation to ever finish. The big hurdle besides neighbours having blow out screaming fights in Portuguese, was how laaaaaaame my voice was. I don't sound that lame in real life but in this video I sounded extremely laaaaaaaaaame.

    The radio voice is a hard nut to crack. I'll send my unfinished video to you privately if it makes you feel any better.

  • @dipset
    It's more so that I've never really heard my own voice, well haven't heard it since puberty if that makes sense. Like to me my voice sounds a bit higher pitch then it actually is, then I listen back and it sounds way, way deeper. I also have trouble not sounding like I'm reading off a script I have that sorta focused voice from school if that makes sense?

    Although like I said I'm going to do some other smaller videos to get some experience (THPS, Samurai Jack, and maybe Avengers) and get used to making videos. Sadly mother nature is making it a bit hard with lighting storms pretty much every 6-12 hours. Hell my Samurai Jack video was half finished before a Power outage knocked it out (and I forgot to save it) might still make it just not as fleshed out as I had done it originally.

  • Just finished up Downtown Seattle.
    Already enjoying this game way more than I ever enjoyed the first one. Also, this shit is absolutely next gen graphically. I bought and played RDR2 around the same time and it the character models looked almost amateurish in comparison.

  • @bam541

    Still didn't play RE3 remake but unfortunately it spoiled mostly for me because of YouTube.

  • Super late to the party but I just finished the game a couple days ago, and decided to catch up on this thread to read your impressions, good stuff in here!

    Disclaimer: I didn't like the first game all that much, I just died a lot and was frustrated most of the time, which impacted my enjoyment of the story itself. Looking back, I can tell how great the story was, I just didn't get into it at the time, for some reason. I feel like if I replayed it now I would probably like it more. Anyway, what I mean to say is that I approached Part II with a skeptical mindset, ready to not like it...

    And boy did it win me over! I absolutely LOVED it, it really is a masterpiece on so many levels, and absolutely deserves the critical and commercial success it received. I managed to avoid pretty much all spoilers, all I knew was that the game was "controversial".

    I spent a lot of time as I was playing wondering what was controversial about it. Surely the controversial bit was yet to come? I started to dread finding out what people were outraged over. Surely it couldn't be this character, or that character, or that scene?... But it never came, because there isn't anything worth any sort of outrage in this game. Unless you're a narrow-minded, ignorant, immature man-child, that is. Having now seen what idiots were frothing at the mouth about, it confirms my fears, but well, their "opinion" isn't worth anybody's time, so let's move on.

    To be clear, I'm not saying you're not allowed to dislike the game or criticize it. Just not for those reasons.

    What a bold, ambitious, adult freaking game! My emotions were played like a fiddle by Naughty Dog every step of the way, and even though sometimes the seams were showing, their writing tricks still worked wonders. I went through so many feelings and opinions about various characters throughout, which is the entire point!

    I could gloat about the meticulous encounter design, the seamless transitions between combat and stealth options, the insane attention to detail, the expert writing, the various technical achievements, the audio design, and so many things but you all have done that in your previous posts better than I would!

    I can safely say I've never been more involved and affected emotionally by a game, ever. Like shouting-at-my-TV involved. I'm pretty hard to "move", even other games praised for their stories like God of War didn't do much for me. So this is no faint praise coming from me.

    Excellent job from Naughty Dog, they are masters of their craft, and they should be extremely proud.

    By the way, if you're interested in chill yet thorough discussion about the game, I encourage you to watch The Deepest Dive from MinnMax, those are excellent (even better if you watch them as you play). Here's part 1:

    Youtube Video

  • Same here, not a huge fan of the original. Not even a big fan of ND and I feel most of my complaints about their past games were addressed in part 2.

    Regarding the polemics I feel like a vast majority of people who hated on the game are also people who in real life look up on authoritarian male figures. Kind of a collective "daddy issues" thing going on right now in the world (again). So that thing that happens to their in-game father figure caused a huge meltdown.

    Having said that I do have some issues with the direction/editing. Slightly bloated and at times repetitive. Like Lawrence Sonntag twitted last week "I feel like behind every door there's a guy with a bat" and I think that feeling is valid across several points in the game.

    Having said that, gameplay and level design is an absolute masterclass. And technically sits with RDR2 as this gens greatest achievement.

  • My one nitpick is that when you transition to a new area, you can't go back (the door gets locked, you can't climb back up, etc.), which totally makes sense as they don't want different encounters to spill into each other, BUT it means if you haven't finished exploring and you accidentally move on, you're screwed. I'm pretty sure I only missed one or two collectibles in the game, and that was because of that. It's super minor but I wish they did something subtle like circle/color the button prompt when it's a "Exit area" interaction just to let you know.

  • @axel There was one area where that happened to me. But ye, it's minor.

  • So Much Work Went To The Last of Us Part II's... Eyes

  • @axel I think they also have to do it because of the hardware. It’s the Uncharted version of squeezing through a tight gap.

    Nice to know you enjoyed it though. And enjoy feeling compelled to talk about the plot and the game as a whole for the next couple of weeks like no other game you’ve played before. It happens to everyone.

  • @hazz3r No kidding, it's been my conversation opener with everyone I bump into for the last couple days. "Have you played The Last of Us 2?? No?? You have to!!"