The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • I’m one of those mental people who tried to get Abby killed and I never upgraded her out of respect for Ellie. I honestly should play this whole game again and play it normal so it’s less punishing lol

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    Must be a odd exchange when at the grocery store.

  • There's some fun stuff here, I'm gonna check out the free PS4 theme and avatars.

  • Yoji Shinkawa made a poster for the game, and it's available to download as wallpapers on the PlayStation site. It's fucking sick.

    Also, the reaction gifs they have there are so good.

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  • So I'm slowly working my way through the game and... wow.
    When I heard people say that the game was "hard to play" at points I didn't really understand that, but I'm slowly beginning to get it. The game is unrelentingly brutal, dour, and all around stressful. I feel emotionally exhausted after playing for long stretches.
    When I got to a certain flashback scene I just started crying because it was just this beautiful little sequence after so much crazy ass shit and violence.
    I know I'm not very far but this already blows the first game out of the water for me.

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    I take it your talking about

    Jurassic Park?

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    It was really extraordinary. Like the game itself... ;)))

  • Wow. I got the chills watching that video and seeing how their consultant managed to get a stealth kill for the first time because of the feedback and work they had done up to that point.

    I don't know why I reacted that way, but I guess its because they succeeded in bringing the game to a whole new audience and that was the first victory.

  • GamesRadar takes a look behind the development process of TLOU Part II's scariest monster. Spoilers inbound!

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    Yeah that was probably the first time TLOU genuinely scared me, 1 and every other part of 2 were tense, but that thing.....oh fuck that thing. Especially when I'd just put my headphones on so as to not wake anyone too

  • @dmcmaster before that whole encounter started, I was considering not using my headphones and just put the TV volume on low because I felt like some weird jump scare-y shit was gonna happen. I'm glad I didn't do that, that encounter was so much more effective with proper sound.

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    I was using my platinum headset, but it was funny I paused the game maybe a second before it's first growl, put my headset on and was immediately greeted by it.

  • So I had a quick burst of......something the other night and kinda threw this together to act as a sort of ending to my review (I'm getting close to having something I'm happy with) that said it's unfinished as stated, so excuse the parts where it just goes black for a bit, and was wondering if anyone had any advice.
    Youtube Video

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    Honestly, I think it's pretty good. I used to do some edits like this with provided game footage (i.e. trailers I downloaded) and one piece of feedback I got was not to cut on the beat to the music too often. Even with that advice, I still did it sometimes, but now I kinda see how that can meddle with the pace a bit.

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    I was told the opposite when I did a video production class, granted the teacher wouldn't hear anything otherwise, even if we pointed out that editing to the beat of some songs would be 1. A total pain in the ass, and 2. Result in a edit that would be disorienting.

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    I actually just found an old hard drive yesterday of my shitty work from university and I came across this video that I made for my 2nd year editing class. I took direct inspiration from another video I'd seen. I ended up getting like 9/10 or something.

    Youtube Video

    I think it just depends on how you edit to the beats. I'm not 100% sure if I sent you my dumb Life Is Strange video but I edited to music beats in that one and it's pretty awkward whereas I use this for effect.

    I kinda miss editing... now my editing is organizing audio deliveries and stuff. Not as fun.

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    I don't think you ever posted that life is strange video

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    I just uploaded the intro. I wanna throw up the VO / script is so bad. I swear I don't sound this lame in real life... its an abandoned video where I argue that Arcadia Bay from Life Is Strange is one of the best towns / settings in gaming.

    Youtube Video

    In regards to editing, I sent this to a few friends (professional editors) and they told me to avoid editing to the beats like I do in the beginning. It's a shame that the old GameTrailers community has dissolved because there were some amazing User Video creators who made edits and provided feedback and all that. I really miss that time and place in gaming.

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    Yeah I know what you mean, actually tried to make a thread for people to share thier own stuff but I think it got 5 post before dying. And I think I was all 5.
    Did talk to HyperBitHero back in the day for advice on doing reviews, which basically said don't leave subtitles on.