The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • @dmcmaster

    RIP I have subs on in my video hahaha!

    I saw there is an art thread. Been doing photography a bit lately but haven't shared much outside of my personal Flickr.

  • Possibly nothing but the guy who played Abby's dad posted this

  • @dmcmaster

    Part III: He's ALIVE

  • @dipset I genuinely love this intro. I want to watch the rest lol. I thought the script sounded great, and the VO wasn't bad at all.

    @DMCMaster I like the video. I agree with Dip that you probably shouldn't cut on the beat as much as it ends up being a bit distracting, but I really liked the ending. Also I don't know how long you plan on making this video, but a two minute long outro is pretty long if you want the video to be like ten minutes. If it's like half an hour or longer then it's fine though.

    If there's one thing I know from experience though, it's that you will always be the worst judge of your own work. The best advice I've ever gotten is to always finish it. If it sucks, then revise it to make it better. When you finish it you at least have that opportunity.

  • @capnbobamous
    I'm trying to avoid cutting to the beat, I just figured it worked well for the very start of the video. I'm trying to edit stuff closer to the lyrics, what scenes work best within context of what's being said to the song. I'm also trying a bit to get the intro and outro to link up thematically. Like the opening shot of the intro is Joel with the guitar, and the final shot of the outro is the Guitar by the window.

    As for how long it is, it currently takes me about 15 or so minutes to read aloud my current script, so I think a final edit will maybe be around the 20 minute mark maybe

  • @dmcmaster I would use this scene 0_1603268508055_IMG_20201021_092059.jpg

    on your empty parts because it's highly evocative, has movement and a sense of progression. Then probably just the empty boat at the end with no music.

  • @phbz
    Empty boat post game when its on the beach, or pre game when its on the water.
    And my memory might be a bit fuzzy (ill have to look at my footage again) but that scene was pretty short if I remember.

    Also there's something of a prologe or Epilogue to my review I'm thinking of doing first, something to try and better explain my feelings towards TLOU2, along with possibly going into theory territory about the games original story structure. something I think I can actually prove now that I'm replaying it and seeing some things I didn't notice the first time

  • @dmcmaster You can always add more stuff, it's just because that's my favourite scene in the whole game.

    Probably post game.

  • @scotty
    Yeah I saw that he added that yesterday

  • Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Just posting some hilarious, but also very informative reviews from two of my favorite content creators.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I really loved the Nakey Jakey review and I appreciate everything he’s saying but I have a hard time getting on board with the general sentiment that The Last of Us Pt II should be held to some higher standard in designing a challenging game.

    Mainly, to his point about a truly challenging game wouldn’t be a typical shooter like Uncharted or Call of Duty. I appreciate that point but I think ND should be commended for trying to contextualize their gameplay systems better than most studios do as opposed to criticizing them for making a challenging narrative wrapped in the blanket of a typical shooter.

    Again, I see the point being made there but TLOU2 has some pretty amazing gameplay AND story (in my opinion) so I sorta think people are being somewhat harsh.

  • Did anyone catch this? Shame to hear about the playable version of the dance.

  • @dmcmaster Heard about that a while back, it would be so cool to be able to see that playable dance scene. I feel like someday devs should add their cut content as a bonus free DLC or something, I think people would enjoy it as long as they label it as such.

  • @bam541
    I think Borderlands 3 might be doing something like that with it's Directors Cut and Designers cut for Season 2. I think, they still haven't exactly explained what either are.

  • @dmcmaster just checked them out, it sounds like they're just new content to me, not stuff from the cutting room floor.

  • I feel like the dance scene could’ve served a lot better than some on the monotonous scavenging. I mean, the scavenging doesn’t really do much world building at all and if anything could’ve been trimmed down, I’d take some of that over the town at the beginning.

    Spending more time in the town would’ve made certain events at the beginning feel even more like a gut punch.

  • @dipset Auto pick up is such a godsend in this game.
    Also, finding out you can activate slow motion in this game has made it a 10/10 for me.

    More games need modifiers like this.

  • @dipset
    Personally as I'm going back thru the game I am left with a few thoughts.

    1. Jackson crew had little development (Jesse and Dinah)
    2. Abby's crew has even less development
    3. I don't think anyone ever says the name of Abby's dad

  • @dmcmaster @El-Shmiablo

    I think I wrote my comment out wrong but you got the point (I think). I meant to say I'd take world building in Jackson over some of the boring scavenging.

    I didn't even realize auto pick up was an option until after I finished the game which would've shaved a solid amount of time off the game (for the better).

    1. The Jackson crew / scenes could've used a little Life Is Strange world building. I think of Life Is Strange because the player (and the protagonist) come back to this town after a decade and within one or two scenes, you're filled in on the town and are led understand the things that happened while you were away (i.e. disappearances, bullies, deaths, etc). Jackson could've used that same sort of "while you were away" buildup.

    2. Also, I kinda like that Abby's crew had no development at the beginning because it left this implication that they were there for nefarious reasons. That's why I got this horrible knot in my stomach in the scene they hover over Jackson after sneaking out in the morning.

    3. He's scum fuccem.