The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

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    Also, I kinda like that Abby's crew had no development at the beginning because it left this implication that they were there for nefarious reasons. That's why I got this horrible knot in my stomach in the scene they hover over Jackson after sneaking out in the morning.

    This happened to me too. Also, I was a little bit dissapointed when I found out the WLF crew's motivation is pure revenge and not something else. I was thinking like ''Hope they didn't kill Joel just for revenge'' until I finally accepted it in the upcoming chapters.

  • @scotty
    I'll have to see if I can find it again but there's this old plot leak that I remember stumbling across a month or two after the game was announced, that in retrospect might have been a earlier version of the plot. I remember shrugging it off but in retrospect it might have been real since it did mention some characters and events that didn't get talked about till the game was almost out.

    Only things I can remember off the top of my head were
    1.Issac was leader of the Seattle branch of the fireflies and had some sort of bounty/warrent for Joel and Ellie's capture.

    1. Abby was mentioned, but her story was slowly turning against Issac as he went insane, don't remember if it said she was playable though.
    2. Ellie, Tommy, Dinah and Jesse head up the rescue efforts of Joel

  • @dmcmaster

    Sounds better tbh. I liked ''bounty'' promise more than ''nameless doctor's revenge''. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • TLOU PT 2: Revenge of the Nameless Doctor!

  • Very good video:

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    Respect the shit out of Dunkey for digging his heels in here. He somehow makes a comical video that explains points that I have far better than I ever could.

  • @capnbobamous He's stating the obvious for anyone who isn't a dickhead, but fair fucks to him for making the video.


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    I don't hate her but I don't love her, still I can see her side except the torturing part.

    With that said, playing as her was more enjoyable than Ellie starting from the woods chapter and with all those awesome weapons. Also Abby&Lev was a good similarity like Joel&Ellie. Another thing is "momentum" upgrade, what a satisfying thing to do! Did I mention awesome set-pieces while whole island is on fire!!! And don't start me on that Rat bastard. God! I should finish this game again soon...

    Favourite 3 Abby lines:

    Goddamn it Isaac! He is just a kid!

    I'm not fcking move.

    You are my people.

  • So I been thinking about the game again lately and felt the urge to read/watch random opinions from all over, and I stumbled upon this. The narration is done by Neil, Troy and Ashley, and it's really well edited.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541

    Do you think this will be a trilogy or we will just see spin-offs if anything comes again from the franchise?

  • @scotty my best guess is there will be an expansion of some kind, since ND's last 2 main games has one.

    I'm thinking that it's gonna feature Abby and Lev as the main characters, and it's gonna be structured like Resident Evil 2, where you'll get to play as each character traversing the same location (maybe the Catalina island?), only meeting each other at certain points, and you will only get the full picture by playing both characters. The reason I think that there will be this 2 playthrough thing is that it's pretty much an evolution/expansion of the main game's structure, and ND's previous expansions also feature some sort of evolution/expansion of the respective main games' ideas (Lost Legacy expanding on the semi open world area idea, for example).

    It's a wild prediction, but I've had this idea for a while now. Either this or some weird spin off.

  • @bam541

    They don't have DLC plans for this one.

  • @scotty Oh really? Didn't know that. Well, my idea still applies for any standalone/spinoff thing that they'll do. Maybe they'll just take a long break for the franchise after Factions release.

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    Maybe they'll just take a long break for the franchise after Factions release.

    That's most likely possibility. I hope their rumored next IP which is a sci-fi is Savage Starlight and I hope to God that it is not an FPS like the rumors suggest.

    @bam541 said in The Last of Us Part II (PS4):

    my idea still applies for any standalone/spinoff thing that they'll do.

    I want them to make it a trilogy but I wouldn't be so surprised if they go to this road with spin-off game for Abby&Lev.

  • @scotty I just looked into the rumor you're talking about, and man, it sounds pretty cool to me. I definitely prefer third person though, unless they doing some cool immersive HUD shit.

  • @bam541

    I prefer TPS over FPS anyday of my gaming life. :DDDD I don't despise FPS but if you give me options for the FPS games, I'd love to play all of them as TPS games; I'm sure I would be more willing to see them until the end.

  • I've said this before but I'd personally prefer TLOU to be a anthology series, I just feel that limiting the franchise to the same characters would limit it in the long run. That said I could see a expansion that acts as a sort of Epilogue to Abby and Lev after the ending, seeing as Lost Legacy was like a psudeo Epilogue to Uncharted 4. Although I also wouldn't mind DLC that fills in some gaps of the story (like TLOU1 and showing how Ellie got Joel to safety)

    That said last they said there are no plans for DLC, and I think the only thing being worked on is Factions as a separate game.

  • @dmcmaster Anthology series sounds pretty good to me. I can kinda see ND being cute and naming the next game TLOU 2 (y'know, instead of part 3 or whatever). Maybe it could be like a Final Fantasy situation where each numbered entry is it's own world. I would love it if they use this as an excuse to explore non-US settings.

  • @dmcmaster

    Opposite to some people, I never liked the idea The Last of Us as anthology series.

  • @bam541
    That's part of the reason I hope it would be a anthology series to not only explore other regions of the US, but also other countries. Maybe it's me but Ireland seems like a awesome location for TLOU. At the same time Maybe explore lesser seen parts of the US like St.Augustine. coastal town with a big giant fort in it, granted I just want to see like a tourist town ravaged by an apocalypse.

  • @dmcmaster yeah that sounds cool, I kinda want them to try out cities with extensive underground areas next, just to really pump the claustrophobic horror feel of the game. Also, if they ever explore non-US areas, it would be perfect to showcase more mutated forms of the infected. It would be cool to see some new enemies that are only found in certain locations because the mutation determinants are localized in that location or whatever.