The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

  • Everything looks awesome! Gameplay, story part(I'm sure it won't just be about revenge and will get more and more deeper through the game) and Ellie&Joel team-up. Again!

    Naughty Dog says that this is their most ambitious and longest game to date and I don't have any reason to doubt them. They are the best developer of the industry for me for a long time.


    If everything goes according to plan for me, I will get the CE for sure. This one of those ''Once in a life time'' moments.

  • Joel is dead.

  • I'm looking forward to getting the steelbook, the cover is pretty great.

  • Sooooooo I found out today that the CE will cost 180 € here. I honestly thought it'd be more like a hundred euros which I was willing to pay. Now it's starting to look I'll get the Special Edition after all. Whatchagonnado.

  • I like Standard Edition's cover more than Steelbook cover. Also in SE's cover, you can really see the ''hate'' from Ellie's face and I really like that it is discomfortable.

  • So many butt hurt people hating on TLOU II.

  • @iboshow What are they even saying? That trailer was great.

  • @mbun The usual naughty dog hate

  • Banned

    @mbun You would actually be surprised at the amount of hate Sony games get for being just that.
    Ive literally seen dozens of people claiming this is nothing more than a press 'X' to win/walking simulator/movie.

  • @mbun said in The Last of Us Part II (PS4):

    @iboshow What are they even saying? That trailer was great.

    I don't know about hating on it but I think it looks crap from the trailer personally.

    Everything has its haters though. God, I love my Japanese games and I don't really need to say how many people come in to threads to hate those, calling it weeb/otaku trash just because of the art style, character designs or the developer behind it.

  • Huber's preview is out!

    Youtube Video

    Also, the game is in 2 discs, confirmed.

    ... and here's a pretty big bombshell:

  • Loved the gameplay material from Huber. Those dogs, man... They'll change everything. Relentless. And at the same time the beauty of this game is just phenomenal. All that snow and just how buildings seem there, then investigating those abandoned places.

  • Absolutely cannot wait for TLoU2 but the no multiplayer news is definitely a big disappointment for me. It's amazing in the first game.

    I'm just hoping (not much) that they release something standalone down the road or maybe dlc. Although I think people would hate the idea of multiplayer dlc.

    Just on it too, I thought they had a multiplayer focused team but either they have been molded into all other parts or they're working on something.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in The Last of Us Part II (PS4):

    I'm just hoping (not much) that they release something standalone down the road or maybe dlc. Although I think people would hate the idea of multiplayer dlc.

    My money's on multiplayer being added to the inevitable PS5 re-release.

  • sad face

    TLOU MP was some of my all time favourite and I expected they would follow it up. Hard to be disappointed by TLOU Pt II once I get my hands on it, but damn thats a blow for me.

    Also... does 2 BD really mean your game is more ambitious, or is it more likely you just have more audio files than ever before?

  • @dipset
    Probably a combination of audio and textures.

  • It's an entire 2nd disk full of ambition guys.

  • I can't think of any good reason a game should take more than one blu-ray disc other than "we can't be bothered optimizing it."

  • Triple/quad layer Blu Rays might not be cost effective. Big games like RDR2 are 100gb+ plus anything else that Sony puts on there, like copy protection or the formatting that allows you to start playing while the rest of the game downloads probably push it up above that.

    RDR2 was 2 disks, btw.

  • @tokyoslim
    So will FF7, and doesn't Crackdown 3 and Gears 5 have 2 disc for the physical copies?

    Maybe someone can correct me but aren't 4K bluray a different format then standard blu-ray? Could of sworn I read something that the average dual layer Bluray that most games ship on, only holds about 50-55GB of data, while a single layer 4K bluray has about 70-80 GB of data?