Late to the party Sleeping Dogs/ Sleeping Dogs 2 how it died.

  • So, after today's Patrick Klepek article on how Sleeping Dogs 2 was super ambitious and was more or less killed off by Squeenix in favor of other projects like Hitman and TR2013, I was reading a bunch of comments about how great the first game is.

    Realizing I've never gotten around to really playing through it, and having been listening to its soundtrack recently, I decided to dig it out of my backlog.

    So I'm starting on it tomorrow. Any tips or things I should definitely do/not do?

  • Its an easy game to get into, I enjoyed playing it, I cant remember how OCD I got with the collectibles and stuff because for me they were fun doing them.

  • BTW, It was just announced that Sleeping dogs will be free with gold on Dec.1. FYI

  • @edsortiz saw that. I don't have an Xbox. :)

  • @TokyoSlim Stick with it. The first hour or so is very linear. I was beginning to think it wasn't an open world game. But then at one point they finally let you loose.

    This game is a lot of fun. One of my favorite sleeper hits. Hope you like it.

  • I didn't beat the game, but I honestly can't remember why :thinking: , I remember that I liked what I played, so maybe I should check it out again.

    I think I may have had a bit of an issue with traveling between places, but I honestly can't remember why I stopped playing, may have been that I just got distracted by something else.

  • I'm planning on making some steamed pork buns this weekend for full immersion.