Top 100 discussion, ideas, suggestions!

  • Like Tim said better make a new topic to debate further lists.

    So i would probably go for Videogame Characters first (but we can vote on that if you guys want), i think the variety is big enough there to keep the rules from the Top 100 Videogames countdown (30 ranks, Top 100 countdown)!

    If you think about it i could probablyy fill my List with Mario, Final Fantasy and ND characters alone, i think it shouldn't be that hard to find 30. but if you guys want fewer let me know!

    So what do you guys think, do you have other ideas for potential topics or any other suggestions?

  • I really think we could do EZA Community's Game of the Year list this way as well. Maybe at the end of January? So that there's been some playtime for the December games too.

    Everyone gives their Top 3 or Top 5 games of 2016, and then a list would be created with a point system. The length of the list would remain to be seen: there could be like just 20 different games or then something like 70, depending on what people would choose as their top games from this year.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I like this idea. I've played maybe 4 games from 2016, and the ones I've liked definitely aren't going to get any votes other than mine, but I'd be interested to see how a goty list would pan out just to find out what I should be playing.

  • @Sentinel-Beach YES! THIS! Let's do this!

  • I could do it for sure, if you guys want!^^

  • I'd say a Top 10 or a genre split up would be better but the latter would be more work for sure.

  • Ten's a bit too many, I think. At least for me. I'll be lucky to get together something like six games from this year. Okay, maybe eight. I tend to mix up my purchases with totally new releases and then some from last year as they're now just 20 euros/dollars etc.

    And it makes you think about your choises harder, if it's just five games you get to appreciate with points.
    But there's plenty of time to come to a solution concerning that number. What do others think?

  • before we do this just a question would digimon story cyber sleuth be a 2015 game or 2016

  • @FF7Cloud Unless you're japanese, 2016, at least that's how I see it, it should count when the version you played was released, if you bought the game in the west it's a 2016 game, if you imported it from JP it's a 2015 game.

  • @Musou-Tensei yea i bought it in feburary ill tell ya one thing it was hard to track down a physical copy

  • I'll throw my vote in for doing something like this for GoTY.
    It could be cool to do some different genres too.
    @Exist-2-Inspire if you do it, just let us know if you need any help ☺

  • I have some cool ideas for it, i will make a thread about it sometime soon, where we could gather some ideas and suggestions! Only if you want of course!^^

  • I thought it would be cool if we do it with actual votings (for the different genres and catagories) and i will present the whole thing as a big EZA GOTY Ceremony rather than a simple Countdown or List?

    So we would vote on Genres on one hand and on some other catagories (like best OST, best Developer, best Character Cast, biggest surprise, biggest flop, best setting, etc...)

  • I think it sounds good, we'd just need to work out details.

    But I'm in.

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    @Exist-2-Inspire I think doing a Community GOTY would be cool! then do like a big thread with categories etc and present a top 3 in each or something! (based on similar concept as you did with this top 100). Would be fun to follow and who knows, perhaps it can become a yearly tradition?

  • I think we need to get these ideas in front of the Allies. If they see the community is doing their own thing, they can use it as a recruiting tool to show we all have a voice.

    I love these ideas. Even though I have played very few games this year (Five so far, four on the way), I don't think I could contribute much, but I will help and contribute where I can.

  • Well if we're gonna do a lot of different categories then I think we'd only need to give our top 3 of the year in most of them, perhaps a top 10 for over all GoTY.

    It would be interesting to see how much our choices might align with the Allies choices.

  • My original idea wasn't exactly that, but if the majority is for it, then sure. I'm just a little worried that it get's maybe too convoluted with all the categories etc. instead of just naming, say, five best games of the year.

  • I'm definitely against genre categories. I've always thought they were lame, ill-defined, and I doubt that many members here were thorough enough to provide a large enough sample size.

  • Categories seems too complicated to me, specially for me, since by the end of the year I would have played a whopping 3-4 games that came out this year.