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    I honestly have never heard of this rumor before. It was a neat episode.

    Someone on NeoGaf was complaining that this could have been easily just looked up in the current age of the internet. Blood hopped into the discussion and talked about the amount of research that Damiani went into. He also said this was the tip of the iceberg and some of the stuff Damiani wants to get into can't be easily googled.

    I think two important rules that I go by for this show (and previously Pop Fiction)

    1. I ignore any criticism that says "I knew this already, this was pointless." There is always somebody who didn't know, no matter who much you previously tried to inform everyone. People still think the Fire Temple music was changed due to backlash from the Islamic community.

    2. Even if there is a ton of research out there, simply making a video putting it all in one place AND making a video of trying the thing out goes a long way and is not pointless at all. Some people simply post a video of "HEY THIS IS POSSIBLE!" and give a quick sentence summary, but it cuts out so much of the story/info that lead to that point. Even if it's something already proven time and time again, like the Running Man, putting all the info into one video is the point, which nobody really does anymore because in the age of YT, people just want the "result" part.

    Thanks for the conversation.

    I was thinking this initially when watching the Running Man video. I had never heard of it before but assumed this had to be thoroughly debunked before. What I loved was the "context" (Bosman) that you gave to how the rumor rose due to the times. Jumping into magazine interviews, breaking down the videos that led to the rumor was really neat and was like looking into the 90s. I really learned a lot about Gaming History through that video.

  • At least I feel that this show isn't just about the myth/secret itself, like "here's a myth, I tested it, it's real/false, end credits". It's about how it became a myth, and learning all the possible evidence and backstory, then execution. It's interesting, somewhat educational and of course, hearing Brandon Jones narrate pretty much anything is amazing.

  • Wow, I'm loving Game Sleuth so far! I was a huge fan of Pop Fiction, so I'm very happy this is a thing.

    By the way, have you guys heard of the Fallout 3 Numbers Station?

    A search for "fallout 3 three dog number station" should get you started.

  • I'd imagine being the writer and researcher of this show is very difficult. I'd expect the Wayback Machine got a lot of use. Congrats on the first episode. I look forward to more.

  • Youtube Video

    Oh, what a nice story this was! Excellently told, and the video was put together so smoothly. I had read something about this before, but this was still really interesting to hear about.

  • Can't wait to watch this when I get home from work. Damiani has the Pop Fiction / Game Sleuth formula down perfectly. Some of the best gaming stuff produced on YT.

  • That episode was fantastic. I'll never forget the days I tried to find big foot in San Andreas.

    I can't believe where it led to in GTAV. Absolutely love that kind of stuff.

  • Damiani had said that this episode was taking some time to even complete the sleuthing. I mean no wonder! That was quite the undertaking. No to mention something I had no clue about beforehand.

  • EZA always inspiring me. I wanna do research and edit such a concise video like this myself.

    Never actually knew about this GTA V mystery so it was quite insightful.

  • I REALLY enjoyed this episode!

  • Just stopping by to show my love and support of Game Sleuth! That episode was AMAZING! Keep up the great work, guys! :D

  • New Game Sleuth shadow dropped during group stream. I'm going to have to watch it again because I'm not sure I understand what the mystery being solved was.

  • The mystery was, does the game have more codes that were supposed to come with volume 2 of the DVD that was never released.

  • @TokyoSlim is the video being released or was it part of the stream?

  • @CGamor7 They should still be putting it up. It was VERY impromptu and I don't think they'd planned on showing it initially. Literally Damiani at the end saying "Should I shadow drop?" And then everyone cheering, yelling for him to do it, and Blood saying "Well, now you have to." and that was that.

  • @logic__error thanks, I'll wait in anticipation for it.

  • Well... not to be too negative, but that was pretty underwhelming, especially considering the length of time between episodes. Most of the video was spent explaining a very niche cartoon and how hard it is to obtain the DVDs for it. Hopefully there's some more Sleuth coming in the future though!

  • @SabotageTheTruth can only say one thing, i agree.

  • Yeah, i don't think it was a particularly strong episode. But I dunno, at least one person out there is real stoked. : )

  • I dug it, knowing literally nothing about the game or the show it was based on. I just liked the idea of covering something a lot more obscure than something like the running man from OoT which anybody with five seconds on google coulda seen. The actual reveal of how the codes found their way online was pretty disappointing though, but then that's just kinda how life goes sometimes.

    I think it's important to presume that this wasn't some long endeavor that took over all their time, and that a more "proper" Game Sleuth is in production at the same time.