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  • I dug it, knowing literally nothing about the game or the show it was based on. I just liked the idea of covering something a lot more obscure than something like the running man from OoT which anybody with five seconds on google coulda seen. The actual reveal of how the codes found their way online was pretty disappointing though, but then that's just kinda how life goes sometimes.

    I think it's important to presume that this wasn't some long endeavor that took over all their time, and that a more "proper" Game Sleuth is in production at the same time.

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    Well... not to be too negative, but that was pretty underwhelming, especially considering the length of time between episodes. Most of the video was spent explaining a very niche cartoon and how hard it is to obtain the DVDs for it. Hopefully there's some more Sleuth coming in the future though!

    Yeah I don't wanna be rude about it but damn, the last one came out in like....october? I thought the reason this one took so long was perhaps because it was gonna be THAT big and/or that difficult of a story to chase.

    But this? It was answered on GameFAQs, the guy wanted to know if there was more than 3 codes, there was. Case closed. The actual sleuthing was on the show more than the game.

    All good though, they wanted to make good on a promise and they did. I'll just keep my expectations in check for the next episode.

  • Any word on a new episode?

  • @Disabledgamerjh We might, MIGHT get ONE before the year is out. Since EZA's inception since March 2016, there have only been three. Each episode takes a LOT of investigation, and I think, though I could be wrong, that Mr. Damiani is the ONLY one who works on the show. EZA gets behind in other shows as well for a variety of reasons, so I don't really expect episodes. I like to think of them as happy surprises whenever they come like Retrospectives.

  • @TokyoSlim FF VII! Hype!

  • Damiani has managed to bring her back to life!

  • Guaranteed personal favorite Game Sleuth of all time.

  • This Game Sleuth won't be just a memory...

  • Interesting this was the focus, and actually pretty neat to see it running in game, but there wasn't much new added to the theories. Hopefully instructive to people who didn't know about this and I still found it enjoyable!

  • Youtube Video

    Thought I might as well post it.

    I actually really liked that one, the out there theory connecting things was pretty fun and convincing tbh.

  • Was excited to see FF7. Walked away disappointed. Sorry, but this didn't seem game sleuth worthy.

  • Well, it was a major improvement over the last episode, so kudos! That weird red doll is going to haunt my dreams now.

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    Was excited to see FF7. Walked away disappointed. Sorry, but this didn't seem game sleuth worthy.

    Yeah, it was another report on something that was already solved, like Bigfoot in GTA. Pop Fiction's hook was going where others hadn't.

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    I found this interesting as its something I've never heard of before. I wish it was a longer and deeper episode, but I still enjoyed this

  • Same for me, Even tho it was short, it was something I never heard about and the unofficial guide brought back memories of other guides like that for other games. But I'm afraid in this day and age of unlimited internet access and the amount of people finding stuff in games, without the direct access to developers it will be hard to find secrets that aren't already out there.

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    I actually really liked that one, the out there theory connecting things was pretty fun and convincing tbh.

    Yeah I've never really cared for fan theories about game lore or creepypasta-tier junk but when it's about a game's development process I'm way more interested. Always loved the what-coulda-beens, ever since I first discovered the Sonic 2 Beta with Hidden Palace Zone (amongst other things) back in like 8th grade.

  • The new one's out. (And sure, the preview was already on Tuesday after group stream night.)

    Youtube Video

  • My friend and I posted a "trick" on the internet years ago for a Azure Dreams (a Konami game) claiming that if you had items in your safe they would appear more in the tower. Either we were the first or among the first to post it, for we read everything and didn't see it before we post it. Since then there are many forms post debating the validity of it. We joked it would be a great thing for Game Sleuth to do, though how would you really test it. It just something we noticed playing game. I'm not even sold it true. I just wanted to express it here, though it may not be best idea. It's fun to share sometimes. (^_^ )

  • @whitewintersage What I would give for an Azure Dreams remaster.