Do any of you guys collect?

  • I collect video games and i keep up on what rare and whats not and watch youtube shows like the gamechasers. if any of you collect what are you currently collecting for and what are some peices of your collections are you proud of?

    For me im collecting lesser known rpg's on the ps2 alot of idea factory games and stuff like that some highlights in my collection are my almost complete set of dot hack games, Ar tolenico, the atelier games and apparently yakuza 2 is a collecter item now which i wasnt aware of until the other day when i was checking ebay for the first one

  • I´m starting to collect, and much to everyone´s surprise I´m starting with the Persona franchise.

    i can´t really say I have a big collection, or that much of an interesting in one right now, I´m just trying to get games that I consider good or at least interesting and that I know are obscure enough that they´ll be hard to acquire in the future.

  • Technically I collect video games you could say, but I'm not really focusing on anything specific right now, it's more like that I buy games but never sell them, I have over 1000 original retail games from NES till today (minus Game Gear, Master System and any system not released in europe). My focus changes with every gen, since I went multiplat (from being Nintendo only) with 6th gen I still focused on Gamecube releases of multiplat games, which is why I have over 100 GC games. Then in 7th gen I did the same with the Xbox 360 which so far is my biggest collection with over 150 games, while my PS3 collection mainly consists of exclusives and is very small.
    For a while I tried to aquire as many PAL releases of the low budget Simple 2000 Series on PS2 as I can, the series that spawned the Earth Defense Force and Onechanbara IPs but also contains Demolition Girl. But those are really rare as while they were released in europe, some were only released in certain countries or just not in mine, so I kinda stopped that, though from time to time when I have some extra gaming money to spend I look out for the one I want the most, Zombie Hunters 2 aka Onechanbara 2, friggin rare pos, lol. I always bite my ass that I didn't grab that one for 20€ several years ago, what kept me from that was that 12€ from that were just for shipping (from spain I think) which at that time I thought was unreasonable T_T
    Another collection I started a few years ago is the Ganbare Goemon collection, now this one is almost complete, I got all but 1 Super Famicom releases, 2 of 3 N64 games (the ones I have are the PAL releases, I might get the JP versions of them eventually, they aren't expensive plus they cut out voice acting from the 1st game and songs from the 2nd game in the west), all 5(+ 1 western release and the the western version on a Konami Collection) Gameboy(Color) games, all japanese PS1 and PS2 releases and the DS game whch was the last release. All I'm missing are the Mario Party like japan only board games on SFC and N64, The GBA games and the Famicom releases, thing with the Famicom ones though is that unlike evertyhing else, I can't play them, so I kinda stayed away from getting them even though they aren't really expensive.
    And of course my Touhou collection where I have all official Windows era games on JP CD ROM minus the fighting games, this is an ongoing collection as I will import the next non fighting game releases, whenever that happens, I do hope for a new announcement at the next Touhou Convention. I also want to get all fangames we get for PS4 in the west.
    This gen however I don't really focus on anything right now.

  • Yes i have pretty solid Videgame collection, mainly PlayStation games! Here are some pics: (not up to date, about 4 months old)

    and my full list of games i own in detail: (up to date)

  • I tend to collect card decks from (far away) places I visit, like from holiday trips etc. And just in general if I see a cool deck with unique-looking cards.

    Also, I've had postcrossing as a hobby for a year and a half now, and that has earned me a card collection from around the world. 180 cards at the moment. I really like it, it suits me, the whole thing. Sending and receiving and getting hellos from places you've never heard of.

  • I do/did, but I kind of fell out of it, harder to find good old stuff at yard sales, I'll drop by one if its on my way and im not in a rush. Pawn shops, and specialty stores know there is a market and use the internet . So my ultimate dream of finding a Panzer Dragoon Saga or something like that for cheap is very very unlikely. I'd have to get super lucky at a yard sale where the owner has no idea.

  • Oh, alright. This was about game collecting. Should've read that opening a bit better. But yeah, sorry, no news from me on that sector.

  • @ACardAttack i live in a smaller town with a older population i have had some good luck recently at the salvation army (thrift store in canada) nothing amazing but stuff for 2 or 3 bucks that i can flip or use as trade bait

  • i have a large amount of decks of cards aswell because when i was younger id collect bottle caps and send them in to places like molson labbatts or moosehead and theyd send me shirts hats and cool playing cards.

  • The only video game franchise i collect stuff from is street fighter mainly,
    non video game wise i've been collecting comic books since i was a kid and have a fair amount of figures dotted about (all comic and vidya related again)

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    I used to collect bottle caps as a kid... does that count?

  • Just JRPGs, I have a near complete collection of JRPGs on PS1/2/3 Saturn and Dreamcast

    I didnt intend to start collecting them, I just bought them to play them and then never wanted to sell them just in case I ever wanted to revisit those worlds

  • I collect games from the current generations so rarity is irrelevant since everything is so new and i personally think going crazy with bottom of the barrel stuff from old generations is dumb,as for what i'm the most proud of that would be owning all the zelda collector's edition release up to this point.

  • Not like I used to. But I'm not into selling my games, so I have games going back to the SNES. Which I brought a couple of years ago since my original SNES broke in the 90's. And I wanted to get a Dreamcast again, since my older bro gave away his to a friend. After a fire in his friend's house destroyed everything.

    But game collecting is rather expensive. And I find myself not really playing games that I collected. I also am trying to keep my current gen physical copies to a minimum. Of games I really do want physically. When I do get back into collecting, its really going to be kept to a minimum. As I don't want game related stuff taking up too much space in my house. Someday I would like to sell or donate my collection to a gaming musuem.

  • Unfortunately I collect shmups on the saturn dreamcast ps2/1 & xbox360 its costing me a small fortune. Once I started I couldnt stop. Im 1 game away from a full ps2 pal collection (dragon blaze is the last I need near impossible to find).

  • @FutureCorpse Oh wow, just looked it up, 2 offers both over 150€... definitely didn't pay that much a few years ago, it's part of the Simple 2000 PAL releases I used to collect.

  • @Musou-Tensei Yeah it was a budget release. The price for it now is crazy. If CEX ever get it there selling price is like 20quid. Shmups are a good investment. Though lm not into them for that reason. BTW Just to let you know I hate you & I am jealous