Games Of December Video Attempt

  • Hey all

    Was checking out Eurogamer, saw there were very few games coming in December, thought it was an opportunity to attempt a video for this, only after have I realised Eurogamer isn't up to date, so this is just a video selected of upcoming games. Still want to know what major or minor games I missed and what is everyone looking forward to.

    My first ever attempt at a video BTW, please enjoy. Sorry if there are ads.

    Youtube Video

  • It had Gravity Rush 2 in it, so I'm happy!

    I liked the music it was set to as well. If I could offer suggestions, I would say to add lower thirds when each game is introduced with the title and release date. Also, I would be wary about grabbing trailer footage, as trailers don't necessarily show the game's own visuals. Balancing cool visuals and strict informativeness is a judgement call.