Don't see email anywhere.

  • On the official website, I found it a bit surprising to not see a way to contact EZA via email. (Or maybe I'm just blind. In that case, sorry :P)

    Ben talked about receiving questions on the latest episode of Frame Trap (did not say what the email is) and Brandon talked about his email account not being full on a fairly recent Cup of Jones (DID say the email, but no prompt on screen. Perhaps seeing it would help more?). Maybe the email address is in the youtube description, maybe somewhere else... Still, I do find it weird that the email address isn't even on the About Us page.

    While I am here....
    Perhaps, I'm overthinking this. Just trying to help. I believe it would help spread the word if the allies mention Patreon and your email address in a way a radio show host plug his on station ("Thank you for joining DJ #&§$% today on Pop Rocks 98.7 FM"; "After the new Rihanna, more on Nintendo's plummeting stocks on Sunshine 123.4 FM"). Don't be annoying as them though, we don't need a Patreon plug every 5 minutes. But you know what I'm talking about.

    "It is November 11, 20XX and this is Cup of Jones, funded by you on ''."

    "Welcome to Tabletop Escapades, our weekly D&D play session on Easy Allies. Find out how to support us on
    Last week, our heroes........."

    Just an idea, not trying to tell you guys what to do.

    Love & Respect. Keep doing your thing!

  • The email for Frame Trap is Ben usually mentions this in every episode.

    As for main email, I believe it's just the message system on patreon however you're right, they probably should at least direct one to an email address on the About Us page.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm guessing the Allies don't actually read these, huh? Lol

  • I'm sure they have honestly. They're pretty good in keeping up to date with the community.