The first EZA Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all. Not that it's really my place. I'm a Chinese Canadian living in Tokyo after all. Haha.

    But it IS Thanksgiving where the Allies and most of you call home, the U.S. of A, so I thought I'd share what I'm thankful for, especially after watching the new @Huber Syndrome.

    I am thankful for EZA, honestly... all of them and the fellow patrons.

    The nine guys we watch every day could have just said "F@$# it" when they got laid off in February. Some of them, say... Huber, might have still been streaming, but let's be honest for a second, it would not have been the same.

    They could have thrown in the towel and devoid the world of THE best written video reviews in the industry, two of most entertaining podcasts in video games and NINE of the most, imho, enjoyable content creators online.

    They could have saved themselves the work and not build one of THE most supportive and friendly communities on the entire interwebs. Video games related or otherwise. Shout out to my fellow Monster Hunters. Thanks, @BenMoore.

    I'm not gonna tag them all here because I'd be accused of trying too hard. Haha.

    But to the allies and fellow patrons, thank you and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    Love and, of course, Respect.


  • As an american that has never lived in the US I don't have a great affiliation to thanksgiving either, but the events of the last two days in my country have made me think a lot about how fortunate we are and how much we should be grateful for.

    I'm reffering to Huricane Otto, which if you don't know struck Costa Rica(my country) and Nicaragua late last night, the north part of the country is devastated, and there's, all things, considered a small amount of casualties (things are probably similar or worse in the south of Nicaragua), the central part of the country were most of our population lives including myself is pretty much unscathed, with it being protected by a valley, nonetheless the country took a big hit and there's a lot of people currently without homes, electricity and clean water.

    I don't mean to make a huge deal of this in here, but I did want to bring up that this being the first time since I was a child were we have been in actual peril from a phenomenon like this, it has made really put into perspective how fickle life can be, and how things can change so drastically in a manner of days because of things out of control, so I think it is a great opportunity to remember that we should be truly grateful for a lot of things we usually take for granted.

  • Im guessing the others are as thankful as the two of us. Lol