Best Video Games of 2016

  • I intend to tho blog here about this, but in case procrastination takes over, here's my list:

    1. Dark souls 3
    2. Oxenfree
    3. Valley
    4. Titanfall 2
    5. Battlefield 1
    6. Civilization 6
    7. Superhot
    8. Overwatch
    9. Fragments of him
    10. No man's sky

  • Its Doom follow closely by Hitman.

  • Inside is probably the best-crafted single thing this year, and it's not like you can argue that Uncharted or Dark Souls required more dev time from their respective studios.

    Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided are good in a yingyang sense. Deus Ex has a better story (god did D2's intro suck compared to the first game, which was pretty basic in its own right) and Dishonored 2 has much, much better gameplay (I didn't ask to fall 20 feet because you can't use abilities reliably midair, Adam). I think they would need to excel in both categories to be GOTY, but every gaming outlet needs a stealth genre award this year. No "RPG," "action-adventure" bullshit — there are other genres to use.

  • This was a weird year for me. The games I expected to love the most I ended up just being so-so on, while the games I was way less hyped for ended up as some of my favorites. This is my list so far:

    1. Pokemon Sun/Moon
    2. Zero Time Dilemma
    3. Dragon Quest Builders
    4. Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    5. Dark Souls III
    6. Fire Emblem Fates
    7. I Am Setsuna
    8. Picross 3D Round 2
    9. Gravity Rush
    10. Paper Mario Color Splash

  • Yeah, same as many others, I think it doesn't make sense to have a "Best of 2016" list exclude games released after mid-November.

    And if a DLC like Blood and Wine is so impressive that it's actually better than many "full" games, then it deserves to be recognized for it.

    So I also believe we should reconvene in January if we're going to make a list.

  • Super interesting discussions all around. I having nothing of interest to add to whats already been said except to throw my hat into the January pile as well. Just makes sense to me to have the awards for GOTY of 2016 to be after 2016 has actually ended .

    While I'm on a roll with potentially inflammatory remarks I would also like to declare that DLC should totally count as evidenced by what others have said; specifically Blood and Wine for the Witcher 3.
    Remakes are a tough one... if its an actual new game (new story, new dialogue, etc.) then I think it counts as a new game. If its just the same game upres'd then nope.

    @TheOhrenberger I had heard you were a super into battleborn, are you sure your list isn't a typo? :wink:

    Do you guys think VR should have its own category? I particularly liked call of the starseed and holopoint but that absolute best from a VR perspective for me is sandbox universe and tiltbrush

  • In no order Uncharted 4, Doom, Yakuza Kiwami ,Overwatch, Furi, Blood & Wine, and Battlefield 1 spring to mind, although the last major games for me are about to be released so I need to see how FFXV, The Last Guardian, Shantea:Half Genie Hero, and Yakuza 6 turn out.

  • I will add my list into the mix soon, just wanted to say I love this topic.

    It's a lot better than "What's your GOTY" - as many games simply don't compete with each other, and GOTY is almost purely a subjective matter.

    There's so many good games this year!

  • Global Moderator

    1. Titanfall 2
    2. Final Fantasy XV (still early though)
    3. The Division (Yes I had so much fun in this)
    4. The Witcher 3 (I need to pick this up again.. soon)
    5. Super Hot (slooow moooo)
    6. Pokémon Go (got me out and moving - a lot)

    This is all the games from this year I have played so far haha! even though I didnt want to include remasters like skyrim and Darksiders even though those games are AWESOME, but I played em on last gen.

  • Seems early for GOTY picks. Aren't we going to have a giant thread for an EZA GOTY list where people submit votes?

  • @Nillend I don't necessarily agree but it's refreshing to see No Man's Sky in a top 10. I'm actually looking forward to trying out the new content from the patch, including the basebuilding and freighters.

    Sometimes I forget that I did enjoy that game for 30 hours or so.

  • Here's my top 10:

    1: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    2: Dark Souls 3
    3: Overwatch
    4: Titanfall 2
    5: Forza Horizon 3
    6: Dishonored 2
    7: XCOM 2
    8: Unravel

    1. DOOM
      10: Tom Clancy's The Division

  • I only now read this thread for the first time. I had thought that there'd be an EZA forum Best of 2016 list in late January, that that was the agreement/understanding we (well, some of us) came up with in the EZA Top 100 games thread. That everyone would vote again in the same-ish manner, sort of, and a list would be compiled.

    I don't understand this Game Awards date at all. When do the December games ever get their recognizion then? Why can't it be held on like the last Friday of January or something? The Oscars are handed in late February (which is a bit late, though, could be some weeks earlier). A really weird time for the "best of the year" in late November.

  • @terminallybill I have over 100 hours in No man's sky now. While the game isn't very deep, the time I had put in was enjoyable. Great game to just chill or to listen a podcast or stream in the background.
    Foundation upgrade is great though. haven't tried survival mode, because I don't want to start all over again, but I hear good stuff about it. Had a lot of fun with it so far, so I'm excited to see what more developers can do.

  • @Sentinel-Beach These were my thoughts exactly. I thought we were going to have something in the same manner as when we voted for the top 100 with complied votes.

    Maybe a thread that ends a week or so into the new year?

    I don't mind volunteering for it (counting the votes, etc.) unless @Exist-2-Inspire wants to do it again.