FF7 Remake Release Date?

  • One of the major things holding Verses XIII back was that during early development when it and XIII were being worked on proper you had both teams going to the CRYSTAL team (Crystal was the name LG the engine used for 13,14 and VSXIII) So there would be one team coming in asking for the engine to be capable of doing one thing, while the next day another team would come in asking to make the engine capable of another thing. Usually both things would he at odds with one another (Something that could work in the hallways of XIII, would make the engine crash for VSXIII) Until it was eventually decided that XIII had fallen so far behind schedule that both teams needed to work on it, thus being the first time VS would be put on hold. Eventually development started again sometime after XIII came out, now with a slightly bigger team working on it, however about the tike that the 7 minute gameplay demo was shown off in 2011 SE had just gotten the first version dev kits for the PS4/X1, eventually they set a team to port everything that had been made on Crystal to work on both systems. It was talked about internally of having VS come out on both generations of systems before deciding to just make it a next gen title as, from what I understand one of the Summons melting a PS3/360 dev unit was the major deciding factor, about this tine it was decided to remake the game using the Luminous engine instead of the Crystal engine. Now about this time is when rewrites first happened as well. Finally we come to 2013 VS becomes 15, and the rest is well history.
    And there's a extremely abridged recap of what took 15 ten years to release.

  • @DMCMaster i was looking at the reveal trailer from e3 2006 today man i feel old

    Youtube Video

  • @FF7Cloud

    I was in grade 7 on my new computer that I saved up for and I remember watching this trailer, the LittleBigPlanet E3 reveal demo, and EA Skate ANYTHING, over and over and over again.

    I'm currently 22 and about to graduate university.......

  • @GoTaco i was 14 just joined gametrailers the ps3 wasnt even out yet i bought a ps3 for this game it was exclusive back then

  • @FF7Cloud said in FF7 Remake Release Date?:

    @GoTaco i was 14 just joined gametrailers the ps3 wasnt even out yet i bought a ps3 for this game it was exclusive back then

    Oh man I bet you weren't alone. So many people probably bought a PS3 for this game. I too joined GT but I think I have dates wrong. I joined in summer of 07 so a little after this trailer came out is when I watched it for the first time.

    Time flies to say the least.

  • I was in 8th grade when that trailer came out.

  • @PrinceofTheUniverse I agree with your premise but I do disagree in just a couple of spots:

    I expect Part 1 in early 2018

    The same company putting XV, but NOT the same team: There are EIGHT internal developers responsible at SE: A couple handled mobile, one is entirely responsible for Kingdom Hearts, one for Deus Ex, one for Tomb Raider, one for FF, etc. What makes me believe it won't be the same team is two fold: The primary leading producers and directors are focused on KH, not FF XV, and will transition in a more hands on capacity once KH III is out to the public. Second, there are four studios working out, and three of those are outsourced, so the same team getting XV out hasn't been focusing on VII: Remake.

    And never. As my favorite game of all time, I can deal with the soul slowly suffering in silence.

  • @PrinceofTheUniverse for years they told us no, it could not be done. And as time went on we stood vigil, peering over the wasted lands of AAA gaming and mobile developments. We never shifted our gaze and though the longing would often bring pain when we did not see our beloved we endured. Now, on the eve of our worship you ask us to forget? Wipe from our minds that which we have stood watch for years? We have endured much "waiting", we can endure a little longer.

    Thanks for the informative replies

    XIII completely and utterly destroyed final fantasy for me. I'm willing to give XV a chance but early reports are saying its a bit of a lifeless world. I'm not sure if they have always been that way and it was just that I was so much more willing to engage a game and let my imagination go or if the older games really did have more in them... of course being the old man that I am I think its the latter but it is interesting to think about how our perception changes as we age and why we view our "firsts" or the games of our glory years so fondly.

    cheers everyone

  • @Mango I felt so burned by XIII, I swore off the series' future with the caveat of Versus XIII's release to see if it could save it... Well, look where we are now ;-)

    And right on with your first paragraph!

  • It could be just a placeholder date for retailers but this is still interesting.