Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection Hype

  • Oh my god.

    I remember when the only talk of a Code Geass sequel was in fan theories (not for nothing, I also remember photoshops of a Halo 5 logo when 3 has just come out). But forget that! Code Geass is my all-time favorite TV series for a litany of reasons and I'm so jazzed that it's making a comeback.

    Here's the news link. The gist is that, as well as "Lelouch of the Resurrection" whose format has yet to be revealed (presumably a 25-episode season of anime), a trilogy of compilation films will recap the original anime. There will be some new scenes, the original (Japanese) voice cast is rerecording their lines, and at least the first film will release (in Japan) in 2017.

    All of this information is coming out of the Japanese Code Geass 10th Anniversary event, so who knows what will happen with regards to the dub. At the least, I assume they'll use the original dialogue from the English voice cast for the recap movies.

    Anyway, despite any worries about the sequel being bad and ruining the original ending (trust me, I'm very conscious of losing favorites), I'm willing to take it as it's own thing. Willing and suuuper hyped.

  • That's pretty cool, it's been a while since I watched Code Geass, and I'll probably have to go back to it, since I don't remember that much about it, still I'll probably check this out.

  • I'm excited. I don't think they'll ruin it. Not much evidence to back me up, just a feeling.

    I didn't notice this announcement, so I appreciate this thread!