Final Fantasy XV reviews are out

  • I have been expecting a bottom tier JRPG experience and that is probably what i will get tomorrow,we'll see. If the game end up being half as good as Tokyo Mirage Sessions or better than World of Final Fantasy i'll be surprised.

  • anyone look at the trphy list yet seems like a awful easy platinum

  • @FF7Cloud isn't it the 72 real life hours boss fight, or at least part of it, doesn't seem that simple to me

  • @Stephleref For me it often does actually.

  • @bard91 is that what adamtiose is nvm then lol

  • hearing the IGN guys talk about their impressions of the story is that it is a bit of a mess (to put it lightly), that would most likely be a problem for me, I'm interested to see what is the community reaction to it.

  • I've heard a few critics say the game is in the 30-40 hour range which is great for me because I don't want to play 100+ hours.

    I have to say that the art direction in this game is quite awful to me. Idk whether I'll be able to tolerate it or not.

  • I still have my pre-order and it is cool for the Square teams that the game has so good reviews but when I see a "general agreement" about a RPG with a story filled with plot holes and a lot of tedious side quests it feels... weird to see so many 8 & 9s? I hope the good stuff is really good to make us forgive where the game fails.

    For Gamekult, you also have to keep in mind that for them 6 is not bad, it is honest. A 6 is a good game worth having in your collection but misses elements for it being on the podium (I am paraphrasing their own website: I can get it is not everyone cup of tea and a lof game I love to death are 6 for them (Life Is Strange, Firewatch and Transistor) but the text will always be more important than the grade. The reviewer explain his point of view (which is nothing more than his opinion) well enough for me. Seems like Eurogamer agrees with them.

    In the end, the real review will be up by Friday or this week end when a lot of people will have play / finish the game. I guess with FF XV, there is a honeymoon phase due to the wait where everything is nice at first :)

  • @Musou-Tensei said in Final Fantasy XV reviews are out:

    Well that french site gave World of Final Fantasy a 6 and Trails of Cold Steel a 5 (both 10s for me)... which should mean I will love FFXV.

    Mine was shipped today and hopefully arrives tomorrow, right on time since I'm done with WoFF now.

    What?! A 5 for a Trails game is blasphemy. Guess I'll wait to see what Ben has to say, since he's got the good sense to appreciate Legend of Heroes...even if he hasn't finished SC or Cold Steel 2

  • @bard91 some reviewers i watch not big name guys but guys ive watched for years say the story is good but a little convoluted so its par for the course really

  • @FF7Cloud I usually try to pay attention mostly to the users rather than big reviewer sites, including EZA, since I believe I'm able to discern better who has a perspective similar to mind.

    That said I'm not really a FF fan, so I also feel that I need to see mostly the opinion of those that are in a similar camp.

  • @Browarr Not sure why you're being blamed for simply posting their review among all the others, no harm done really, it's just another point of view to complement the rest.

    I used to read Gamekult regularly (they've kind of fallen off my radar this year) and it's true that their scores tend to be lower than average. They simply use the full 1-10 scale as opposed to most websites for which 8 means average, at least that's how they justify it.

    Don't quote me on this but I think they even mentioned that's the reason they were removed from Metacritic, as they often end up dragging the metascore of every game down...

    I would also add that the particular reviewer who wrote this is Puyo, and in my opinion he's one of the fairest guys they've got on the team, as opposed to some of their recent additions who tend to give low scores to appear edgy.

    So nobody should let that 6 scare them, ignore that part, the pros and cons are a nice enough summary. These guys know what they're talking about, they simply don't let anything slide.

    As always, read multiple reviews, positive and negative, and form your own opinion.

  • Alright, so I've now read 4 reviews, from Gamekult, Eurogamer, IGN and GameSpot, and there are both pros and cons that are mentioned in all of those reviews, the only difference being how much weight each reviewer seems to be giving them.

    I'll sum those up for you (many of them are similar to the ones listed by @Browarr above).


    • The 4 main characters are well-developed and their relationship/interactions are a delight to witness.
    • Combat is fun, dynamic and spectacular, good companion AI.
    • Post-game content is meaty, epic and challenging. It appears that the most negative reviews (Gamekult and Eurogamer) did not play this content.
    • The open-world is vast and gorgeous.
    • The soundtrack and overall fan-service are extremely satisfying.


    • All the other characters are one-note and under-developed.
    • The game suffers from severe technical issues (frame-rate, aliasing, etc). PC/PS4 Pro should make a noticeable difference.
    • The magic system is very limited and almost rendered useless because of friendly fire, reliance on consumables and low spell variety.
    • Summons are awesome but can only be triggered very rarely, under unclear conditions.
    • Camera and targeting system are unreliable and finicky, particularly against bosses/large enemies.
    • Side-quests aren't very engaging and there isn't much variety in the environments.
    • The second half of the game is linear and repetitive/boring (endless corridors similar to FF XIII).
    • The plot is disappointing and confusing, the most important story beats are in Kingsglaive/off-screen, a lot of secondary characters and story arcs are dropped and unresolved.

    Overall, based on these various reviews, the cons definitely outweigh the pros in my opinion. There's nothing that screams "This is a must-play!", far from it, and there are many better JRPGs out there.

    I'll pass!

  • @Axel I will say that I read the Kotaku review of this as well, and while they did say that the second half is linear, they also said that it becomes more of a straightforward RPG. So? Take that for what you will. I'd say it's a pretty good read, the author did an interesting thing, interspersing the review with memories of the older FF games.

    I've read a bunch of reviews now, and watched some gameplay, that was non-spoilery, and I think I'll definitely be picking this one up. I like the real time combat, it looks and sounds great, and the relationships between the four guys seems pretty legit.

  • @Inustar Yeah I think I'll give it a few months, and see what the general consensus is by then, from people who've played it, other Allies, etc. But the Day 1 temptation is definitely gone for me now. Unless Ben's review is somehow stellar and gets me excited again!

  • I'll add Polygon's summary:

    Final Fantasy 15's own opening text describes it as "a Final Fantasy for fans and newcomers alike." The game contains pieces sure to disappoint players in both camps, but it also provides a refreshingly human take on the classic RPG journey that I hope will inspire future games in the franchise. Final Fantasy 15 can be baffling in some of its questionable choices, but across the board, it hits more than it misses. It hums with an energy and compassion that I loved, a sense of camaraderie, friendship and adventure that fills an old and struggling formula with new relevance...

    It's interesting to me that some reviewers call the world boring and side quests simple while others say that the world is very fleshed out. Guess it's to be expected that a new FF game is received like that.

    Waiting for my copy to arrive :)

  • The post game content is something that I've seen as one of the main strengths of the game according to many reviewers, unfortunately for me, that is very rarely something that actually matters to me, since I tend to be done with games once I finish the main story.

    From what I've seen I think I'll wait until I can get this for cheap eventually.

  • To be honest, this all sounds really good to me. And taking in the ideas Mr. Bosman and vibe, from what I'm seeing I'm liking this game's vibe and the heart that it has there. It sounds like a good time to me.

    I did put this on my Christmas list but if I don't get it then, I'll get it in the new year!

    @Axel I was thinking the same thing. One of the reasons I don't play as many RPGs is because of the long time to complete the game! If this is a bit shorter than some that's a huge reason to buy it for me!

  • @Axel YES! I've always loved FF games but can't swing those epic play hours anymore.

  • Haven't gotten into FF since 9. Everything after just doesn't appeal to me. Too much metrosexual teenage angst. With that said, I laughed pretty hard with Conan O'Brien's review of the game.
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