Final Fantasy XV reviews are out

  • @TokyoSlim @Ringedwithtile Yup, sounded like 4 stars, I was surprised by 4 and a half.

    It seems like the game truly has a soul, that's rare and that's what gives it the edge and allows reviewers to overlook its flaws.

    Fine, I'll... wait for the definitive Switch version.

  • Banned

    Respool the line before it's too late.

  • Banned

    I don't get the complaints about the game's length. When I (begrudgingly) beat FFX I clocked in at around 24 hours, though it seemed a hell of a lot longer since it was such an ass game.

    I played XV for a few hours last night. It seems alright so far. Spent most of my time looking for treasures and hunting monsters though, so I can't comment on story just yet.

    Combat seems super simple, but I can see it getting fleshed out after some upgrades to the skill tree.

    I recommend that anybody interested in this game watch the companion stuff like Kingsglaive and Brotherhood. They cover important stuff that is otherwise glossed over in the game.

  • @El-Shmiablo X was probably that way for you, but I must respectfully disagree as I find great enjoyment in it. Ah well. To each their own.

  • I'm really enjoying it so far! This is the first Final Famtasy game I have ever played. Love the bros and love the combat. The open world is a little bare bones since most of the stuff to do outside of the main missions is pretty lame but I do enjoy the hunts so that good. Can't wait to dig in more later tonight!

    Can't believe I got this for $20. Best Black Friday purchase ever.

  • I think I would actually be on board with them doing away with scores, although I know it's good to get them on aggregate sites, I think the score narrows the conversations about the review/game. I personally thought it was a terrifically written and edited review, and it's disappointing to see most people talk about the score seeming high. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fair question, but seeing someone on Neogaf reach back to e3 impressions to ask Ben what had changed, after he had already made an in-depth post explaining the review/score seems a bit much.

    I think paying attention to what the reviewers are saying is more helpful and nuanced than just waiting for the number at the end. EZA are legit some of the best in the biz at reviews, and some of my other favorites (ACG, Super Bunnyhop, Writing on Games) either don't have ratings or have broad ones, like ACG's Buy, Rent, Wait for Sale, or avoid.

    I do see the value of the scores though, so if they ultimately leave them then I totally get it.

  • It's not that the score seems high, it's that the score seems high given the actual content of the review. Bens review makes it sound like a 3.5/4 star game. 4.5 stars is kind of a shocking disconnect with the actual tone of the review imo. I love me some Ben, but I'm just providing some honest critique. Nobody should take any of this as a criticism of Ben personally.

    I'm not even saying the score is wrong, just that the review spent so much time focused on perceived shortcomings and qualifying that the story isn't self contained, and that certain things could be improved, etc. That then giving it a near perfect score is slightly jarring. If the game is really that good, I generally expect to hear more positives than neutral or negative comments in a review.

    Just my opinion. Take it as you will.
    I'm hoping I love FFXV.

  • @TokyoSlim like I mentioned, I think it's a valid critique to bring up. I don't fault you for doing so.

    I also still think digging back to E3 reactions in a thread where he already explained himself in detail is a bit silly though.

    In a broad sense on the topic of review scores, I think discussions on reviews that don't use a score at the end are usually more productive. It makes people focus on the content of the review.

  • About the disconnect, I'm starting to feel we have a situation that I liken myself to Mr. Huber's review of Ratchet & Clank. I felt it was a half-star higher than what I was hearing and it eventually landing on, and it seems there is the same sentiment, but in reverse.

    Either way, its still great. FF XV reviewed really well and of the other reviews I read (IGN, Polygon, Gamespot, Kotaku, etc.), Mr. Moore hit on points they didn't cover and still came to the same conclusions. Regardless of how it was scored, I loved it for its candor and honesty. It just so happened that is a glowing review.