The lack of SIFTD and EZA cross-over seem strange to anybody?

  • So I'm a patron of EZA while also subscribing to SIFTD which is the website set-up and run by Shane Satterfield from the old GT crowd. Not sure how many of you would be likewise but I'd imagine a fair amount of cross-over since both EZA and SIFTD have their roots in Gametrailers staff.

    Anyway, Shane mentioned on the latest episode of his show GameFace that he doesn't get invited onto other shows and podcasts much (or at all) which seems strange to me. I mean, he came back to Gametrailers as a guest on GT Live and the Bonus Round and I'm pretty sure Brandon showed up on an early episode of GameFace. I've got the impression not everybody who worked with him is a big fan of Shane which is fair enough, and I can understand that, especially since he was 'The Boss' for a long time and it isn't always easy to be that likeable when you need to get people to do their jobs and hit deadlines (btw, I personally do like Shane a lot and really enjoy GameFace and SIFTD).
    However, at the least Brandon and he seem to get along well and he must have worked alongside Blood, Damiani and Keighley for years - as a point of comparison there is obviously a fair amount of crossover happening on Live with Youtube Gaming what with Kyle being a big part of it and both Brandon and Elyse showing up as guests but the same doesn't seem to apply with SIFTD.

    Just to be clear I'm not making any big point or call anybody a jerk, I'm simply wondering if anybody else if a bit of confused by the lack of Shane-crossover among the the rest of the old GT crowd when it seems like such a natural fit.matter also, whatever the heck happened to Ryan Stevens...?

  • I think it may be something they'll do at some point, it may not be on either side focus right now.

    That said I'd prefer it doesn't happen, I don't really like Shane.

  • I remember the first time I decided to watch any sort of podcast-type show, it was Invisible Walls, the week Resident Evil 6 came out. First impressions are a hell of a thing and my first impression of Shane was... less than stellar. The panel had some serious concerns about why he had reviewed the game so highly and instead of explaining his position, he basically talked over everyone and told them they were wrong. I continued watching the show each week after and although he never got to that same level, it's a bad taste I've never been able to wash out. I don't like to speculate much but I think there's probably validity towards the whole "him being the boss" theory.

    As far as Ryan Stevens is concerned, he's actually the main reason I continued watching the show. Love his opinions on things and he pulls out some truly deep cuts. I know the Allies generally speak fondly of him and he has (had?) a gaming podcast I've been meaning to check out. Hope that fella is doing well!

  • @SabotageTheTruth I saw him (Ryan ) at E3 and I think he was working on something with Andrea Rene that week (unless he wasn't actually part of her camera team and just happened to be around)

    He's still active one way or another

  • Hey dude I want to reply to your actual comment. I am also a SIFTD member (but only since the GT shutdown, I didn't know they existed prior).

    I think Shane has always been a polarizing guy, which in some respects is a really good quality because it means he believes in himself and stands up for what he believes in. He's not just gonna roll over which in the age of the internet is an amazing quality to have. I really respect him for that. I personally would not be able to do what he does. I also want to caution against declarations of liking or disliking anyone whom you have only known through online or movies or videos etc. People are complex beings, and I think we have a tendency as humans to idolize or vilify.... we naturally want to categorize things into and Us vs Them, its part of our biology but I don't think it serves us well in modern times and I think it also is a misrepresentation of our true thoughts on a subject.

    I think the lack of cross over has less to do with Shane specifically and more to do with the overall general vibe of conversations... and I'm struggling putting this into clear and concise words but go with me here. I think on the surface you can look at a podcast like gameface and the EZA weekly podcast and they would look similar, guys talking frankly and openly about the video game industry. But underneath that I think they are very very different. EZA has a very unique vibe and they had this vibe at GT in the last few years. Shane and SIFTD have their own unique vibe which also was present at GT when Shane and Marcus and those guys were over at GT.

    I think these vibes are not in the same direction. That doesn't make one better than the other. It just means they're slightly incompatible. Again, not saying a cross over wouldn't work, just that it would take effort because these vibes don't match up. think of it as different wavelengths, if you have one where all the peaks and troughs line up, the height of each of those is increased. If you have two in opposite directions they can negate each other and make a straight line.

    Anyways, I think this is the best I can explain it at least for myself. I really enjoy SIFTD and I enjoy really EZA for completely different reasons. I support both. I'm not sure if they meld well together (even though they both involve people from GT). Just my two cents.

    cheers man,
    and good on you for supporting the things and people that you care about

  • @Mango
    Thanks for the replies all. I think you've probably hit on things pretty accurately - I love both GameFace and also the EZA podcasts but they do indeed have different 'vibes' to them in both general style and the way the conversations go. I think over at SIFTD Shane has found a really good 'co-host' to bounce-off in Matt in that they can sometimes get quite intense and argumentative when they disagree about something but then immediately switch into being totally chilled out and amiable as soon as they switch topics. By contrast I think the same style or conversation / debate that Shane is good at would sometimes rub other people the wrong way back on Invisible Walls.

    Anyway, I'd still love to see some more crossover. Whether you agree or disagree with him, Shane is good at sparking conversations and debates and often comes at things from another angle than the norm which is one of the reasons I really respect him.

    For that matter, it would be cool to see Keighly, Elyse, Justin, Megan or somebody else of the 'old GT crew' pop up some time with the EZA gang as a guest.

  • @luckywallace yeah I totally agree

  • Complete outsider here, I only really watched content on GT when I knew the majority of the people on said show were members of present day EZA, so my opinion lacks some context (Outside of.....Elyse I think her name was? When she was on fiasco and other shows).

    I'm going to say it's less of an industry obligation to invite them and more of a desire to keep the communities separate until there's more....demand? If that's a fair term to use.

    If there is (As I've seen mentioned) a different vibe over at SIFTD it might not mesh well with a lot of people, I mean even within our core group not everyone can appreciate when there's a strong if not infallible stance someone takes with the things they say or opinions they have.

    It could always also be a desire to try and leave as much of their personal roots behind as they can as to not bring up any inside information or feelings that us viewers don't need to know or perceive.

    And if nothing else it's pretty easy to see why such a thing could be a gamble when you're trying to grow your brand/audience and you offend/bore/etc the audience by bringing outside people they may not like into shows they pay to see.

    Again, I have zero insight here and limited knowledge. Just offering my 0.02, cause this would be what I'd personally be concerned with if my channel was famous.

    Also...well who knows, a lot of these people like Kinda Funny or SIFTD are further along than EZA are, and maybe it's....awkward to brandon to want to invite these folks to his house for collaborations, perhaps it's something he wants to save for when they have a proper studio?

  • I always liked Shane. He sometimes comes across bit hardheaded so some may not like that but I never had problem with it. BTW If you want to see some peak grumpy Shane watch his lost bet stream Shane vs. Bloodborne from SIFTD's twitch page.

  • You need to catch up on your Cup of Jones, buddy. Brandon has addressed this issue.

  • @KoalaShoots said in The lack of SIFTD and EZA cross-over seem strange to anybody?:

    You need to catch up on your Cup of Jones, buddy. Brandon has addressed this issue.

    Yes. but not exactly SIFTD, more like why Podcasts don't have any guests.

  • @DreyG0 said in The lack of SIFTD and EZA cross-over seem strange to anybody?:

    need to catch up on your Cup of Jones, buddy. Brandon has addressed this issue.

    He has ALSO answered that on Cup of Jones. Lol.

  • Just spill the beans if you know the answer.