Video game second chances

  • Have you ever played a game that you just were not feeling or even flat out didn't like but came back to later and ended up loving?

    For me, the most recent example of this was SMT4. I played it when it was originally released but it just didn't click with me. I wasn't a fan of demon negotiations, the overworld map was frustrating and a few other things that just didn't grab me so I quit after a dozen hours or so.

    Since then I played Persona 4 (twice) and LOVED that game. On one if Ben's streams he mentioned that if you like Persona, you owe it to yourself to try SMT 3/4, so I decided to give SMT4 another shot. Maybe it was because P4 was a good introduction to the basic mechanics or just my taste in games had changed over the past couple of years, but when I played SMT4 last spring I ended up LOVING it! Easily one of my top RPGs of the past few years.

    So what are your video game second chances?

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    I remember back in the days I played the first Mass Effect, but after the first mission I gave up, didn't like the controller or understood the plot. A few years later I picked it up on PC and I have now played through all ME games a few times and love them!

  • Suikoden 5, the first time I played the slow start was too much for me, but when I got back to it and got past that point I ended up loving that game, to the point where is in my top 10 games now.

    I've been intending to play more SMT games, the thing that really drags me away from play SMT4 is that it is on the 3DS, I just don't like playing on handhelds as much, if I could play it as it is on any console it would be far more appealing to me.

  • Mass Effect 2
    The Witcher 3

    I still could have done without MGS4

  • When I first tried to play MGS3 I had a crippling migraine that resulted in me vomiting. When I tired to go back to playing it I got queasy and my head started hurting. Fearful of having another migraine I stopped playing. Eventually after like 6 months, or something like that, I just decided to power through the pain and sickness. After I got out of the starting zones I started to feel better. I am really glad that I came back to it, but I don't really think I stopped playing because I wasn't enjoying it. However there are some other games, like Psychonauts and XIII, that I have not played because of similar situations, where I associate a bad or sick feeling with the game, that has nothing to do with the game itself.

  • I'm not proud of this at all (Sorry for my sloppy English):

    Back in the day when Demon Souls was one of the instant game collection games for ps plus members I was very excited to play it. Four hours in and I was very frustrated after many many deaths and no sign of progress for me. I deleted the game and forgot about it for a long time. A year or so later a friend of mine was obsessed with Dark Souls and that made me remember DS. I gave it another chance and after less than two hours of gameplay I deleted the game again.

    Many years later, I can't remember on which of the EZA shows Ian Hick talked about his first contact with the Soul Series and he said something like (can't remember the exact words): "I was five minutes in and I thought this is the most perfect videogame of all". I don't know if he was being serious but those words resonated with me for weeks so I decided to give it another chance, but I took a different approach, I played and I stopped when I got frustrated but I came back the next day. I realized that i was getting better each day, I got hooked and my play sessions became longer and longer.

    I already finished Demon Souls and Dark Souls, loving every second of it, I'm about to start DS2 and want to play everything in the series.

  • I'm a huge believer in second chances. I can usually find joy in any game if I look at it from a certain perspective or if I'm in a certain mood.

    One of the best examples for me is Pikmin. I didn't take to the first game at first. Later down the line, I played it again and consider it one of the greatest games ever made to this day.

    I think there's only a couple games that I've never been able to find the appeal in no matter how many times I try it.

  • During the last Holidays (2015/2016) I gave Final Fantasy XIII a second chance. After playing it after launch, I was really disappointed towards the end. Right before the end, when the developers of JRPGs toss any level design over board and replace it with random floating platforms in front of a colourful background and a parade of boring enemies I thought for myself: What was the story, what actually happened? And why did I stop caring midway through the game? So after finishing it a second time I can truly say this game is terrible not only because of a bad story telling but in so many ways. Would it be a light novel focusing on the thoughts of the characters than maybe it can work but for a game pretty much every party character lacks any motivation. The only good thing about the game is maybe the character design and art style. Urrgh!!! Anyway, afterwards I played XIII-2 and the goddess returns and those games have new problems and reasons why they suck.

  • It's so rare that I completely drop a game but I did that with Assassin Creed Unity. The story is just so boring and it's set in one of my favorite cities on earth. The characters aren't likable and the story is slow and boring. I might go back to it for a second chance but wow I just can't get into it.

  • Mass Effect is the only one I can think of, since while Ive dropped plenty of games, I rarely go back (and yet I know I should)
    But I bought Mass Effect 2 for PS3 and just couldn't get into it, for whatever reason.
    Later on there was a demo for ME3, and I was hooked. It's why I love that last game the best, even though it's really not the best, and it's why I think all games should have demos. If there hadn't been one, I never would have played my favourite game series ever!

  • MGS3 :I hated it because the fixed camera while I love MGS2 and one of my fav but it doesn't work with MGS3 , with the release of MGS3 Subsistence I loved it so much and turned out one of my greatest games of all time

    Dark Souls (the first one) : this game killed/saved my gaming life dude, me and my friend bought Skyrim together my friend dig it and I tried so hard to like it but unfortunately it doesn't click with me , always my friend talk about skyrim and me feeling disappointed cause I bought it and did not like it and after month my buddy said "what do you think of Dark Souls " I said "dunno man" my buddy was so excited about Dark Souls and said "let's go buy it and try it out " after long thinking (I was afraid of Skyrim story happen again lol) I said ok and telling myself I'm gonna love it this time so we bought it when I started the game I went to catacombs and be killed quickly everytime I was saying "WTF this game is so difficult" I kept trying until i found another way and said " what an idiot i was going in the wrong way whole the time haha" and guess which area this time , New Londo lol it was easy until I reached the ghosts " FU*** these invincible ghost " and hard quit , when I met with my buddy he was so excited about dark Souls 1 digging it and I'm feeling disappointed again but he insisted to help me out with Dark Souls he was saying you will love it if you get the hang of it we played it co-op and explained to me the mechanics of the game after first boss the game clicked with me and OHHH what a joy I got form that game and absolutely one of my greatest game of all time if not it is the one

    that one a hell of a comment sorry for that

  • Fallout 2 I enjoyed the first one, but had a hard time with the second one. It does start terribly (I used a save editor to give me a crappy pistol to make the first dungeon not a slog) and I found out I could speed up combat. Listening to Watch Out For Fireballs' episode on it inspired me to give it another shot and am glad I did

    I know one that hasn't happened yet
    Super Metroid I've tried it 3 different times and I just don't like the way Samus controls, she's both floaty and clunky

    I need to give Dark Souls a second chance, but the lack of pausing really puts me off

  • Muramasa Rebirth.

    I remember playing it for an hour or so and finding it very bland and repetitive and felt like I was going nowhere.

    Queue me starting to travel and having some long buses/flights and I decided to pick it up again and really dug it. I guess I just wasn't in a good mood first time around.

  • Mario Galaxy: I used to get really bad motion sickness from games (still do sometimes), so I had a lot of issues playing this at first. The constantly shifting perspectives just messed with my brain a little bit and made me feel awful, so I hard quit it. I picked it up again from a friend a few years after it came out and it became one of my favorite games of all time.

  • Lol, Ocarina of Time.

    I was 8. I was a Kokiri. I couldn't find the sword so I gave the Collector's Edition disc to my then-best friend.

    He found the sword, so I traded him a memory card back for it (I'm decidedly not a capitalist pig). I was then engrossed by the game, despite copying my friend's save to skip Jabu Jabu's Belly and the Shadow Temple and getting stuck before the Fire Temple, searching for the Goron Tunic.

  • I thought Mass Effect was the most mundane and choppy feeling game. I couldn't believe the praise. Years later I got sucked in and did so many side missions and really felt the whole game out before I finished main story.

    However, I've given Mass Effect 2 about three chances and I can't go through it. The story is so painfully generic. The shooting is so simple and mindless. The information you get about your companions is excessive and through jarring exposition. No more chances for ME2.

  • @Haru17 One day I will give Ocarina of Time a third chance, but today is not that day. (I have the same bullshit complaints about sound quality that I do about Twilight Princess, and despite the fact that I'm completely forgiving of hardware limitations in almost every other case, it's always been super hard for me to look past it in those two games for absolutely no discernible reason).

  • @naltmank it's probably because the compositions are so strong. I just take them for what they are. Twilight Princess has some of my favorite orchestrated music even in just the midi tracks.

  • Banned

    Diablo 3.
    Absolutely HATED it, but then they ditched the auction house, introduced smart loot, added rifts, RoS, etc, and now I have 7 fully geared 70s on both PS4 and PC. Even platinumed it on PS4. The Necromancer/D1 remake announcement made me diamonds.

    Also more recently and for exactly the same reasons, The Division. Launch was a mess, but 1.4 completely changed itemization, rebalanced ALL skills, made enemies less bullet spongy, and added a ton of other stuff. Also working towards the platinum for Division as well.

  • Half-Life 2 is the big one for me.

    Got it on the original Xbox, played a few hours before giving up.

    Bought it again on PC a few years later, got to Ravenholm but gave up then finally got it in The Orange Box on 360, played through and completed it and absolutely loved it.

    I'm hoping FF XV will be the first FF I finish, tried getting into the series so many times with VII, VIII, IX, X and XIII but to no avail, so fingers crossed XV will finally click for me.