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    Omg, UltimateBrent!


  • I'm really excited to have an official place to talk EZA! You guys are by far my favourite source for gaming dicussion and also the only people I can watch play games without getting bored. I'm at a point in my life where I have realized I have more passion for video games than anything else and that I may need to switch career paths. It is great to be able to see what you guys do and enjoy and that there are other things a video game lover can do than just be a dev. Thanks for all your amazing content guys!

  • this site sure has some

    V E R T I C A L I T Y going for it

    Hi to all ya Beauty Bois and Allies anywho! :trumpet:

  • This forum offers an AMAZING EXPERIENCE for all its users.

  • I haven't used a forum in over ten years. I'm going to have to work slowly to get back into things.
    Thanks for the welcome!

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    It's a beautiful day to find these forums.

  • Love the look of the forum!

    I'm usually not really a forum person, but this community is too jolly to abstain from

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    Hello EVERYONE. Glad to see you guys again ^_^

  • Hello everyone! Really glad I finally registered. I watch all the streams and video content plus I'm happy to be supporting the Patreon!

  • Hello sweet allies !

    I am in the same position as @Joker, I am really new to the EZA community and I am really glad I found the EZA crew (I am in love with the cast and both weekly podcast and FrameTrap content).
    I plan to support Easy Allies via Patreon but at the moment, I try to discover the almighty EZA community by posting on this forum :)
    I am more of an offline player (I basically play solo games) but don't hesitate to ask me my PSN id, I love having discussion about games and sharing gaming (and not only gaming) experiences !

    Love & Respect !

  • Hello Allies,

    I'm new to the community. Have watched GT and EZA Content since 2005 and finally decided to be a part of the community. Glad to be here. :)

  • Hello Allies,

    I was a silent member of the community since the old GT days, i want to start participating more in the forums and everything of this great community, my english is a little bit rusty but it should get better if I start posting more.

    I'm super excited to be here.

  • I'm new here. I was a big GT fan. I was Ideophobia on GT.

    I look forward to this community.

    PSN: Lackadaisicool

  • Hi everyone,

    Got sucked into the world of GT with the Final Bosman and I haven't looked back since.

    Love all you guys <3

    Rory (:

  • Hello! This thread might do better in the general forum. I feel a lot of people don't bother using this forum since they probably get news through twitter or the main site. Also I feel usually people just ignore accouncement forums lol

    What is that you say? Maybe people are just choosing to not post in here? To that I say, MAYBE. But also, I have notifications on for my explain your username thread, and that seems to be getting more new users posting in it than this thread.

    Oh right, I should probably tag a mod so they see this post. @Swordfish00830 @Ruaidhri18

  • Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums as well. I have been following Easy Allies since the their beginning but never really followed Gametrailers. Joystiq shut down a while back and it wasn't until I stumbled upon the E3 of Dreams reaction video that I decided to seriously check them out as EzA and find a new gaming content home. Since then I have gone back and watched a lot of the old GT stuff that I missed like The Final Bosman, Mandatory Update, and Tabletop Adventures. I don't have any real life friends who share the same love for video games as I do so I decided it was final time for me to come out of the shadows and start interacting with everyone here.

  • @Tragosaurus Welcome then! We're just a bunch of weirdos here that love to kill babies with love and respect. Beauty bois and gurls unite.

  • @Tragosaurus FRIENDSHIP BRO

  • Hey Everybody,

    I'm a long time fan of EZA/GT. I have been watching their recent stuff though it's never occurred to me that they had a forum too. It's nice to meet everyone. Time for fun times.