Welcome to the Easy Allies Forums!

  • Hello sweet allies !

    I am in the same position as @Joker, I am really new to the EZA community and I am really glad I found the EZA crew (I am in love with the cast and both weekly podcast and FrameTrap content).
    I plan to support Easy Allies via Patreon but at the moment, I try to discover the almighty EZA community by posting on this forum :)
    I am more of an offline player (I basically play solo games) but don't hesitate to ask me my PSN id, I love having discussion about games and sharing gaming (and not only gaming) experiences !

    Love & Respect !

  • Hello Allies,

    I'm new to the community. Have watched GT and EZA Content since 2005 and finally decided to be a part of the community. Glad to be here. :)

  • Hello Allies,

    I was a silent member of the community since the old GT days, i want to start participating more in the forums and everything of this great community, my english is a little bit rusty but it should get better if I start posting more.

    I'm super excited to be here.

  • I'm new here. I was a big GT fan. I was Ideophobia on GT.

    I look forward to this community.

    PSN: Lackadaisicool

  • Hi everyone,

    Got sucked into the world of GT with the Final Bosman and I haven't looked back since.

    Love all you guys <3

    Rory (:

  • Hello! This thread might do better in the general forum. I feel a lot of people don't bother using this forum since they probably get news through twitter or the main site. Also I feel usually people just ignore accouncement forums lol

    What is that you say? Maybe people are just choosing to not post in here? To that I say, MAYBE. But also, I have notifications on for my explain your username thread, and that seems to be getting more new users posting in it than this thread.

    Oh right, I should probably tag a mod so they see this post. @Swordfish00830 @Ruaidhri18

  • Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums as well. I have been following Easy Allies since the their beginning but never really followed Gametrailers. Joystiq shut down a while back and it wasn't until I stumbled upon the E3 of Dreams reaction video that I decided to seriously check them out as EzA and find a new gaming content home. Since then I have gone back and watched a lot of the old GT stuff that I missed like The Final Bosman, Mandatory Update, and Tabletop Adventures. I don't have any real life friends who share the same love for video games as I do so I decided it was final time for me to come out of the shadows and start interacting with everyone here.

  • @Tragosaurus Welcome then! We're just a bunch of weirdos here that love to kill babies with love and respect. Beauty bois and gurls unite.

  • @Tragosaurus FRIENDSHIP BRO

  • Hey Everybody,

    I'm a long time fan of EZA/GT. I have been watching their recent stuff though it's never occurred to me that they had a forum too. It's nice to meet everyone. Time for fun times.

  • @Swaysome Welcome aboard! :)

  • Hello all! Newbie here. Been a huge fan of the Allies since the GT era in like 2006 or so. Look forward for the jolly vibes and fun video game discussion. :)

  • "Hallo" everyone,
    joined GT around 2011/2012 and got really sad when they shut down. When the announcement early this year came I got so excited.
    Now I'm happy to be here. =3

  • Hey Allies! Been a big fan since back at GT around 2007 starting with Invisible Walls and then GT Time and Mandatory Update. Have forever been a lurker appreciating everything the Allies have been involved in. One of my New Years Resolutions was to be more involved in the communities of the things I like so here I am!

  • Switching over from SIFTD to here in hopes to find some good discussion. Great job on the EZA @UltimateBrent.

  • @Vin Welcome! I'm sure you will. And if you don't, don't be afraid to start some threads!

  • @parasitepaladin Thanks man! I hope so too :)

  • Hello! I used to be on Gametrailers forums.

  • Hello! I neglected to post here when I joined.

    I usually watched GT in passing if/when my partner had it on, typically Final Bosman, Mandatory Update, or coverage during E3 and such but it was always an episode here and there. The GT group play through of Until Dawn was one of the first times I really got pulled in and insisted on watching, I think I even stayed up until 1am to see things through. Once EZA started up, the Tuesday Group Steams and Tabletop Escapades are what eventually got me really hooked.

    Trying to be a bit more sociable so I'm making a point to post in the forums!

  • @logic__error
    Same. I have been a fan for a long time, I usually say hello and goodbye in chat during streams. But have a hard time getting into the forum setting.

    Hopefully we can both become more active and social within the community!
    Glad to have you here ^_^