Welcome to the Easy Allies Forums!

  • @parasitepaladin Thanks man! I hope so too :)

  • Hello! I used to be on Gametrailers forums.

  • Hello! I neglected to post here when I joined.

    I usually watched GT in passing if/when my partner had it on, typically Final Bosman, Mandatory Update, or coverage during E3 and such but it was always an episode here and there. The GT group play through of Until Dawn was one of the first times I really got pulled in and insisted on watching, I think I even stayed up until 1am to see things through. Once EZA started up, the Tuesday Group Steams and Tabletop Escapades are what eventually got me really hooked.

    Trying to be a bit more sociable so I'm making a point to post in the forums!

  • @logic__error
    Same. I have been a fan for a long time, I usually say hello and goodbye in chat during streams. But have a hard time getting into the forum setting.

    Hopefully we can both become more active and social within the community!
    Glad to have you here ^_^

  • @OrigamiZombie Chat can be a bit overwhelming sometimes so I tend to just say hi and bye there too, just depends on how fast things are moving.

    Thanks for the welcome, glad to know I'm not alone! :D

  • Hello - I also neglected to post here when I joined. :\

    I started watching GT thanks to my then boyfriend, now husband. I loved ManUp and the Fact or Fiction series. I have been a silent lurker but avid watcher of EZA. When GT shut down I was super bummed but was SO happy when EZA was announced. I think EZA was the reason I signed up for Patreon.

    Thanks for being welcoming on my other post. Really appreciate it. :D

  • @La_Liz Welcome and party hard. Lurk no more!

  • Hi to everybody! I'm patron and active in the EZA OT on NeoGAF, but new here. Seems a nice place (even though I don't particularly like the absence of pages in favour of having to scroll down to see new posts), glad to be here, L&R!

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    @Axass Welcome. If you click on your profile, I believe you should be able to change that in your settings.

  • Hello! After watching so much easy allies content I finally decided to join the community!

  • @lifetimeofnot said in Welcome to the Easy Allies Forums!:

    Hello! After watching so much easy allies content I finally decided to join the community!

    welcome! hope you enjoy it here.

  • Hello to one and all - long time, first time, etc. Inveterate listener of podcasts whilst gaming. Love the vibes here, love the general feel-good story that is EZA.

  • Hi! I think it was time I joined the forum. Sadly I started watching GT stuff only a few months before they shut down. Since then, I've also watched the content Easy Allies produce and I've been catching up on some old GT stuff as well. I've been playing videogames since I can remember, so hopefully I'll fit in here :)

  • Hello! I am Bart Spits (surprise!) and I just found out today that you have a forum! I've been following your content for quite some time but I must have somehow missed every mention of there being an official forum. Well, I still found you so tough luck!

    I won't be very active on here because I have problems with energy management, so it would be a bit too much for me to deal with. But I'll try and chip in once in a while. I like to be a nice guy (I really try, honestly) and to be among friendly people. I am about as enthusiastic about gaming as the Allies are. I play everything that I can play. Any genre. Except some scary games cause I get too immersed and can't handle it.

    I'm over 30 years old and have been gaming since I could push a button so yeah I have some experience (My first platform was the C64). My goal is to become a little bit more positive minded but still realistic when I talk about things. Because it's in my nature to spend a lot of time being sarcastic or cynical. And while it's OK to weigh things and be cautious, ultimately there is a lot to love about video games. And I have to learn it's OK to just be positive about something.

    I'll see you around.

  • Greetings from Dallas, y’all!

    I’ve been a Gametrailers fan since 2007 and followed Easy Allies from the beginning, but only since May have I been a Patron and really been keeping up and trying to be present in Twitch chat.

    Anyway, here’s to good vibes and Huber-levels of hype! L&R

  • First time at the forums and it's great to be here!

  • Hello~
    Just joined here. For the longest time I honestly didn't realize EZA even have their own forum...

    I'm currently binging on Huber's Resident Evil streams from the GT days...that led to an impulse buy of the Origins Collection on PS4. Been a while since I've played Remake and 0!

  • Just joined, no idea there was an EZA forum. Been a fan of the allies since the GT days, best in the biz. Love & Respect.

  • Yo! I'm typically more of a lurker than a poster, but figured I should introduce myself either way. I'm a 25 year old guy from Australia. Used to be a regular on the PALGN forums (which died), followed by the RocketChainsaw forums (which died), and then GAF...which doesn't seem worth sticking around on even if it does survive.

    As far as GameTrailers goes - I discovered and became a fan of The Final Bosman in its last few months. Continued on with Bosman at Home when Kyle started doing those, and that led to stumbling upon an Easy Allies Podcast around...mid 2016? Been listening weekly ever since, and at this point there aren't many Easy Allies shows that I don't keep up with.

    Gaming wise - I'm a big Nintendo fan. Counting down the minutes until Odyssey comes out! Love a good mix of everything though. Some of my favourite games of all time are Metroid Prime, Shadow of the Colossus, Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil 4, Okami, The Last of Us, Fire Emblem 7...and I'm pretty sure Breath of the Wild has cemented a place on that list as well.