Welcome to the Easy Allies Forums!

  • Hi all! I am yet another Gafugee. I've been following GT since The Final Bosman first started, which eventually got me into Mandatory Update, GT Time etc and of course I've been a patron of EZA since day 1.

    I'm from Australia and write game reviews on a website called Progress Bar. I'll no doubt check out the blog section of these forums and see about posting my reviews in there (if that's allowed, we don't have ads or anything).

    Looking forward to getting familiar with the site and its users, thanks for being so welcoming!

  • Hello! Another gaf refugee! Glad to be here.

    Not sure what else to say other then L&R!

  • Hi, another GAF casualty.

    Long time fan, loved GT back in the day and love EZA too, glad to be part of this, should have joined sooner, better late than never. :)

  • Hello,

    I always been a fan of the allies since the GT days, so I guess now or any other time is a good time to come over and actually participate a bit in the forums.

    Love and Respect.

  • Good morning! Thought I would say, "Hi!" as well. Not really a heavy forum viewer or participant, but would be happy to be more involved.

  • I just wanted to wish to all you Gaf refugees welcome. Great to get some new life in here.

  • Hello to all you new folks! Welcome and have fun!

  • Another lost GAFfer here. Thanks for the warm welcome folks!

  • Hey guys, another Gafugee. Was "Smashman45" on GAF. Lurker for 6 years, posted (rarely) for 3.

    Loved the Allies work since the days of GT, and still loving their work now.

    The warm welcome is appreciated! Love & Respect! :D

  • Hi! I joined the other day but never posted in here. As my username would suggest, my name's Adam haha. I've been lurking since the GT days but because of the GAF situation I decided that even if they come back, I'd rather be part of a community that's more positive. Love & Respect.

  • Hello there, been following the YT channel for a while and never realized there was also a forum and a discord server. I'm not a very active poster in general, but I enjoy reading gaming discussions, so I'll do my best to join in!

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    Once again I want to wish everyone joining us recently a warm welcome! We are glad to have more people joining this Love and respect community and bring some joy and fun discussions along.

    If you need anything or got any questions, just throw a PM to me or any other of our lovely mods!

    Love and Respect

  • @Yautja_Warrior said in Welcome to the Easy Allies Forums!:

    Long time fan, loved GT back in the day and love EZA too, glad to be part of this, should have joined sooner, better late than never. :)

    Same here, I should have started posting sooner. :)

  • HI! Longtime Ally, first time forum user! I hadn't gotten around to actually posting until today, so hello!

    My favorite game genre's include Metroidvanias, Twitch-Platformers, and various forms of RPG's (TBS and JRPG). I grew up on Nintendo, and love analyzing games down to their core elements. My first game console was a handheld, the Gameboy Color, followed by the N64, GCN, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, and now PS4 and Switch. My earliest memory of a videogame was Pokemon Red. I chose Charmander (sorry Squirtle & Bulba fans!).

    When I was a kid in day camp, they had a Super Mario Bros 3 cabinet. Yes, a CABINET! Because of this, I found as many reasons as I could in the summers figuring out how I can skip tennis and play Mario. Needless to say, it's my favorite Mario. In that same arcade, there was a versus cabinet (actual tabletop) of Mrs Pac-Man and Galaga, as well as a busted Altered Beasts cabinet that froze on level 3. These games gave me life and sparked my curiosities.

    I hope this small bio gives me some credibility when I say: I LOVE GAMES. And I can't wait to share that love with this community. L&R!

  • @MarkZone Welcome to the forums! Have fun! Games are pretty fun.

  • @parasitepaladin Thanks! Also, in regards to your bio, Soul Caliber isn't dead ;)

    I'm a huge SC2 fan

  • Just subscribed, have been following the crew since the very old GT days.

    Most positive and up-lifting videogame community, happy to be here.

  • @Enzo88 Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

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    @Enzo88 Welcome here! Hope you enjoy your stay! if you ever have any issues regarding the forum or other users, feel free to PM me or any of the other lovely mods! :D

  • Hi, longtime Allies and GT viewer. Been looking for a new forum home after Fextralife went south. Then I remembered the Allies had a forum! I play a bunch of games on PS4 and I am always open for a chat on there and hopefully here! Much love.
    P.S Weekly. Hunts.