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  • @sabotagethetruth Lol thanks to both of you. I'll try to live up to the delicious hype!

  • Hello! Medium-time EZA viewer joining in for the vibes (though I have heard much about this "Game Trailers"...). I've been watching for almost a year but figured I'd try diving into the forums finally. I'm currently binging Bosman v Wozniak as my work soundtrack and enjoying all the delicious bits. So nobody tell me which episode Kyle beats him ;-)

    I look forward to hanging with you all!

  • Hello! I'm a Norwegian GameTrailers-fan (or more specifically Final Bosman-fan) who transitioned over to Easy Allies back in the dark years of the Transition. I've been a patreon since the beginning, but I never felt comfortable enough to join the forums and the community as a whole for whatever reason, but now I'm travelling the world and I figured it'd be cool to maybe meet some fellow easy allies around the world if anyone's up for it. I'll post my couchsurfing and my instagram account (if it's not against the forum rules?). I would absolutely love to meet some people with the same level of passion for videogames as this community seems to have.
    Good day and good game!

  • @chvage If you want to post about your travels best to do so on https://forums.easyallies.com/category/3/blogs

  • I stumbled across EAZ by chance, and have been a fan since (6 months-ish). I finally decided to try and get more involved in the community... I've been having a look around and this site is wonderful - glad to be here :)

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    @burup Welcome to the EZA Forum! :D Hope you enjoy your stay!

  • Things have calmed down a bit in my life recently so I'M BACK!

  • @burup Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

  • Greetings Allies!

    I am a 29 year old EZA-fan posting for the first time.
    I have been following the Allies since the start (only catching the last few months of gametrailers) and i have been meaning to actually engage sooner in this community, but i've been caught up with my studies.

    During the lifetime of EZA and starting with E3 of 2015, you guys have completely changed my view of videogames and also the type of games i play.
    From a sportsnerd that occationally played an rpg/mmorpg to an alleater of games. (however, I still cannot handle those japanese rpgs though :))

    Anyways, Hello everyone!

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    @kaliber Welcome fellow Swede! Glad you found us here and fun to read about the impact EZA have had on you! :)

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