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    I loved GT and was sad to see go. then I found out EZA that was very much alive and kicking ass. glad to be here

  • Hello Allies! Looong time listener first time caller. Just saying hi and that I heard this is the place to find some Love and Respect.

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    Hello everyone and welcome to these forums! :D hope you enjoy your stay. If you ever have issues, feel free to contact me or any of the other lovely mods!

  • Hello, this is my first time posting in the forums. I do not typically join forums, but I don't really have many people to talk to about my passion for videogames and I would like to change that! I hope I can be a thoughtful and fun contributor to the discussions.

    I've been watching Easy Allies for a while now and I really enjoy their content.

  • Been a long time since I participated in anything like a forum, but I've gotta get in for the Easy Allies.

    Last year I downloaded a few of the podcast episodes to listen while driving to a campsite and have been hooked ever since.

    I'm an avid gamer that mainly focuses on engaging single player titles, but I enjoy some multiplayer now and then.

    Some of my favorite games are games by Hidetaka Miyazaki (Soulsborne/Sekiro), Metroid games, Metal Gear series, and Resident Evil series. Looking forward to getting to know many of you.

  • Hey all!

    Long time Patron/Ally, but never really gotten involved in the forum side of things before - but really want to become more active, so here I am!

    I've been watching the allies since 2013 on the GT 360 app, and have been a patron since day 1. Went to E3 last year, and it was perhaps the best experience of my life - so I'm going back this year. I'm a Freshmen college student in Ohio, so Cali's a whole world away.

    As far as games though, Im a mostly single player person - favorites of all times would be Persona 5, Pokemon 9Platinum? Soul Silver? Black 2?) The KOTOR Games, and Dragon Age.

    I enjoy interacting with you all on here!


  • Hello world.

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been a patreon and lurking in the communities for years. This E3, I realized I don't have any friends that play games to share the hype! I'd love to meet some new people that I can talk about games with.
    I'm a rising senior in college (Computer Science) and mostly play RPGs. My favorite games range from JRPGs like Dragon Quest and Persona to sims like Rollercoaster Tycoon. I particularly love a game with a great story.

    I'm looking forward to making some new friends!

    Jamie <3

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  • Hi everyone!

    I've been a Patron since the end of last year (but i started following EZA long before). I'm here to share my love for video games regardless of the platform they come from or their budget. I play on PC, Switch and sometimes PS4 (it's not mine).

    My first ever video game was Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter for the DOS. It's like a board strategy game where you have to find treasures travelling across the globe in time based on hints and before your opponents (CPU or other players), it was meant to teach geography while giving tidbits on all the different cultures. I really liked it, the idea with adjustments would still be fun today.

    After that i started playing other PC games (i should also add that i grew up in a family that was really into PC gaming before it was a thing, so my parents had played most of these games before) like Kyrandia, Outrun, Journeyman Project, Indiana Jones, Lion King, Heretic, Myst, Prince of Persia,... (obscure european games)... and even console games like Pokémon Red on my Game Boy, Tekken 3 on PS1 we used to rent, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on PS2, etc.

    Some of my all time favourites are Tetris, Gran Turismo 4, Pokémon Red, Age of Empires II, Simcity 4, The Last Express. More recently i really enjoyed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and i'm re-discovering my love for JRPGs with Xenoblade, Dragon Quest and Shin Megami Tensei.

  • Hello,

    My names Rook. Thanks to my older brother, I've been playing video games since before I can remember. I've played a bit of everything and have a long list of favorites, but if I had to pick a few in no particular order I would go with Mass Effect 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, The Last of Us, Halo Reach, and Half-Life 2. I tend to play most on Xbox now, and lately its been a lot of Destiny 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

    I've been following the Allies since their GT days. Looking forward to some solid discussions here with everyone.


  • Hi there everyone,

    My name is Brian, I record a podcast periodically called Happy Gaming and I've been a fan of EZA since the beginning, and was a follower of the crew since the Gametrailers days. I've never posted in a forum in my life, and generally don't communicate online besides commenting on Patreon though, so introducing myself here gives me a tremendous amount of anxiety. Hopefully I'm doing it right. I'm hoping to be more active in the community, participate in discussions and maybe meet new friends, but we can see where things go.

    I grew up with a Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Playstation, and have always loved JRPGs, although I'm pretty open to most types of games as well. The first game I remember playing was Chrono Trigger with my older brother when I was probably three or four years old, as well as Earthbound and Super Metroid. In more recent years I fell in love with Persona 5, but some of my other favorite games recently include Celeste, The Last of Us, Night in the Woods among many others! While I'm more of a console person and primarily play on PS4, I do have a love for the early Windows games. I played a lot of stuff in the Windows 98 generation like Monkey Island and other Sierra adventure games with my sister, among a lot of other odd games here and there. Today though, I prefer to be on my sofa to my desk when I play things.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I produce a podcast. When making it, I was at a particularly bitter time in my life and wanted to try and be less critical and focus on the positive aspects of games I was playing, and try to explore games I typically wouldn't enjoy to try new things. In the podcast I write long-form essays talking about the history of specific games and why I think they're special today. My mission statement is to find optimism and to passionately and articulate explore our love for video games without resorting to cynicism. In a way, it was inspired by my time watching Final Bosman (personally I shamefully admitted to him that I may have ripped off a thing or two at my starting point before I got my personal flow and abandoned the rest), as well as watching EZA content.

    I also streamed like three times, and may do that more if I'm courageous enough to get it set up and play some retro games with interested people.

    Hope this wasn't too rambly or anything. Thanks for reading, and sorry if it wasn't the best forum post. I look forward to see how things go on here in the future though!

    Brian from Happy Gaming

  • @happygaming Hey Brian we're happy to have you!

  • @HappyGaming Welcome!!

    Don't worry about saying the wrong thing, we're really Easy going here. :-)

  • @oscillator Good to know! I'm excited to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and be a part of something new!

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  • Hi, This is Ran, Glad feel for joining me. Thanks.

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