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  • HI! Longtime Ally, first time forum user! I hadn't gotten around to actually posting until today, so hello!

    My favorite game genre's include Metroidvanias, Twitch-Platformers, and various forms of RPG's (TBS and JRPG). I grew up on Nintendo, and love analyzing games down to their core elements. My first game console was a handheld, the Gameboy Color, followed by the N64, GCN, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, and now PS4 and Switch. My earliest memory of a videogame was Pokemon Red. I chose Charmander (sorry Squirtle & Bulba fans!).

    When I was a kid in day camp, they had a Super Mario Bros 3 cabinet. Yes, a CABINET! Because of this, I found as many reasons as I could in the summers figuring out how I can skip tennis and play Mario. Needless to say, it's my favorite Mario. In that same arcade, there was a versus cabinet (actual tabletop) of Mrs Pac-Man and Galaga, as well as a busted Altered Beasts cabinet that froze on level 3. These games gave me life and sparked my curiosities.

    I hope this small bio gives me some credibility when I say: I LOVE GAMES. And I can't wait to share that love with this community. L&R!

  • @MarkZone Welcome to the forums! Have fun! Games are pretty fun.

  • @parasitepaladin Thanks! Also, in regards to your bio, Soul Caliber isn't dead ;)

    I'm a huge SC2 fan

  • Just subscribed, have been following the crew since the very old GT days.

    Most positive and up-lifting videogame community, happy to be here.

  • @Enzo88 Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

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    @Enzo88 Welcome here! Hope you enjoy your stay! if you ever have any issues regarding the forum or other users, feel free to PM me or any of the other lovely mods! :D

  • Hi, longtime Allies and GT viewer. Been looking for a new forum home after Fextralife went south. Then I remembered the Allies had a forum! I play a bunch of games on PS4 and I am always open for a chat on there and hopefully here! Much love.
    P.S Weekly. Hunts.

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    @breadsaucebandit Welcome! :D glad that you found yourself over here, hope you enjoy your stay and stay chill! :D

  • @breadsaucebandit Welcome! Enjoy your stay! Please don't steal my bread sauce.

  • Hello.
    I used to watch GT, and I have been a Patreon of EZA since the start. The EZA community seem like decent folks, so, figured I'd sign up here too. Though, I don't tend to use forums, and I haven't signed into Twitter for years. So, I may end up lurking.

  • Hello! I found EZA first when i got bored one day and stumbled upon the awesome PSX 2016 reactions, and has been a fan ever since. Figured i sign up here and hang out with you guys since i have been looking for a forum to call home.

  • Hi,

    Haven't been on a forum in years, let alone a relatively new one. It's impressive what this team has accomplished so far in such a short time span. Anyways, it's great to be on the forum for another great website.

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    @crepe Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay and I think you officially got one of my favourite Forum names, ever!

  • @lotias Most delicious name here, I concur.

  • @sabotagethetruth Lol thanks to both of you. I'll try to live up to the delicious hype!

  • Hello! Medium-time EZA viewer joining in for the vibes (though I have heard much about this "Game Trailers"...). I've been watching for almost a year but figured I'd try diving into the forums finally. I'm currently binging Bosman v Wozniak as my work soundtrack and enjoying all the delicious bits. So nobody tell me which episode Kyle beats him ;-)

    I look forward to hanging with you all!

  • Hello! I'm a Norwegian GameTrailers-fan (or more specifically Final Bosman-fan) who transitioned over to Easy Allies back in the dark years of the Transition. I've been a patreon since the beginning, but I never felt comfortable enough to join the forums and the community as a whole for whatever reason, but now I'm travelling the world and I figured it'd be cool to maybe meet some fellow easy allies around the world if anyone's up for it. I'll post my couchsurfing and my instagram account (if it's not against the forum rules?). I would absolutely love to meet some people with the same level of passion for videogames as this community seems to have.
    Good day and good game!

  • @chvage If you want to post about your travels best to do so on https://forums.easyallies.com/category/3/blogs

  • I stumbled across EAZ by chance, and have been a fan since (6 months-ish). I finally decided to try and get more involved in the community... I've been having a look around and this site is wonderful - glad to be here :)

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    @burup Welcome to the EZA Forum! :D Hope you enjoy your stay!