EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

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    @MXAGhost You have my attention. You had a MarioKart trainer? How does somebody get trained in MarioKart? Underground gaming circuits are a thing? I never would have guessed!

    @Qiou94 Hard to imagine anything starting with a Q is usually taken, but unfortunately it is not the case! And thank you for pointing that out! I appreciate that. I added min.

    @parasitepaladin Hey, cool name, dude.

  • Was a really big fan of Beyblade growing up. G-revolution just happens to be the name of that season, and the final season with the old crew. Nothing too special. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpUkIQzFnnc

  • My older sister game me this username for some dumb forum I was on about 15 years ago, and it stuck. It's based around my initials with a few extra letters thrown in.

    ALSO I was gonna change my username to just my first name before posting in this thread, but someone else literally just signed up with that username. Never wait too long to do things like that, kids.

  • my names ross and i play bass (well used too lol)

  • Eschatology (with a capital E) was a type of theology I studied in university, it concerns itself mainly with the end times. Post WW2, there were a bunch of theologians, especially German theologians, who wondered how theology could continue and survive the postmodern crisis of the Holocaust. They were concerned with an "end times" of sorts, and thus eschatology, which had traditionally been about the literal Armageddon described in John's Revelations, became a theology of human destiny. In its lower case form, eschatological simply means "concerned with where humanity is going, and where it should be going." It's a subtly social justice-y nickname that I've used on the internet since the 90s, before "social justice" became a negative buzzword for internet trolls.

  • Gan Khef Two separate words. Deep cut Dark Tower references. Essentially means "God" and "life". If anyone got it, we should palaver. Cool idea for a forum topic. Love seeing a community form. Long days and pleasant nights! ; )

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    Hi guys

    Most people often mistake my username and think I name myself after the movie "Swordfish". I remember the movie except I have never really watched it from start to finish. That is however not where I got the Swordfish part. Its from a little know anime called "Cowboy Bebop" it is the name of Spikes spaceship. The reason I picked that was basically in the moment. I was signing up to my first ever forums back when I was a teenager and I was tired of using the same old nicknames like SSJGoku3 or something to do with Dragonball Z. At the time I happen to be watching the episode of Cowboy Bebop that was all about Spike going to repair his spaceship. So that was settled and the "00830" came from something else. That same night I was watching Cowboy Bebop they were premering a Gundam show. It was an old one but a good one called Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory. I just added the extra 0 by mistake so it stuck. Ever since then I have been using that as my username for almost everything.

  • @GanKhef I definitely got it. Long days, pleasant nights. ;) I remember the first time we met Gan that giant turtle, in IT.

  • Long time GT fan from way back in 2006 here! Looks like I'm in good company!
    My name is a play on Warp Pipe from Mario Bros., but with Hype. ^_^

  • Froztken was a nickname I came up with at absolute random. I just type it and voila! Also, T is silent.

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    @Smartzke Had to cut out your joke in the end, so sorry.

    @eschatological That is pretty interesting! However no possible way I can fit it all. I used the basic answer, however all of the cool extra stuff can't fit sadly.

    @Swordfish00830 I FEEL YOUR PASSION. However I can't fit all of that. I also have no idea how to edit it to fit. Take a look at what I put for you, and tell me how I can make it better.

  • It's my name.

  • It's hard to explain mine since it's a swedish word and in english it can be a lot of words.
    Depending on the context it could mean "ambitious, frantic, combative, passionate,
    relentless" to name a few. This might help some: http://en.bab.la/dictionary/swedish-english/hetsig

    But in a try to make it a tl;dr it's someone who can't wait, hasty or heated about something.
    I use it in a gaming sense which would be a player who have no patience, runs into combat
    and dies 3-4 times before slowing down.

    An example was an hour ago in Dying Light. Was climbing inside a bridge (quest headlights)
    and instead of taking the safe slow route i died 5 times trying to grappling hook myself up
    leading to me getting angry :p.

  • @eschatological Right on! It blew my mind when Maturin showed up in IT. Glad I read IT after the Tower. Great book.

  • @Swordfish00830 Lol I remember the days of all my DBZ usernames. Perfect storm of being 12 and the dawn of the internet. Good times...

  • @Swordfish00830 @GanKhef Hell yeah, DBZ usernames. I used to go by "dbgtgoku" on ezboard and Beckett's Dragonball forums for years. Gotta love the originality.

  • Filiam: as a kid i would play Knights with my friends and i was always Sir Philiam (Philip + William). Sounded good as a child, and it stuck as my gamer tag since forever.

  • {Cloudid}, I love clouds, I feel I can relate to them in some way, and the "i" just looks better to me. Back in the day with GT, i had the name NintenDoorMan, but that was a LOOONG time ago. ^ ^

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    @Hetsig I used the tl;dr version. Pretty nice name though.

  • I used to be really active in the Mega64 community under another name. In an attempt to troll a dude named CurtDog I made a Twitch account called CurtCat and would call him out in their livestream chat. I just kind of kept the name after that.