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  • RiceEater22 - My favorite food is rice, I have it with almost every meal. Random 22 at the end because the original was already taken.

  • Mine's the Italian spelling of Kriemhild from the Nibelungenlied (The Song of the Nibelungs). I just thought it sounded cool and somehow started using it everywhere. :grin:

  • So I was looking for a handle that was kind of clichéd but also spoke to me. I'm really into Sci-Fi and really loved the Techno-Mages from Babylon 5. But I thought if I had a handle with Mage that would make people think I prefer mage class (I'm more of a range or tank depending). So, just rhymed mage with rage and here we go.
    1127 is simply my wedding anniversary. 11/27/10

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  • It's the ultimate secret technique of Hokuto Shin Ken in Fist of the North Star, my favorite anime, it can only be mastered by experiencing true sadness and makes you pretty much invincible.

  • Changed from "Hungry-hobo" after I changed my avatar for one of Sonmi from Cloud Atlas a couple of years back, and it simply stuck.

  • Sniperbooya / Sniper-BoOyA-

    dates from the good old Ghost Recon (Desert Siege and Island Thunder) days. I had to come up with a name and since I have Always been facinated by Sniper's in general the name 'Sniper' was an easy name.

    Added 'Booya' later on due to the popularity of 'Sniper' back in the day. Had to differentiate somehow.

  • It's a play on the word Protagonist (or Antagonist depending on where you stand) mixed with a little Twitter.

  • it's a genre of music

  • Just a nonsense word I made up back in high school and use for a bunch of stuff, whenever I don't want to be creative.

  • Churchy - My last name is Churchill and I've had the nickname since I was about 6.

  • tomoko - I was watching Watamote and hanging out in IRC, and at some point I changed my nick to this and decided it was a keeper. "tomoko" in all lowercase just looks very appealing to me as a handle, and I think I feel a bit of my personality in it as well. People also seem to get really upset whenever they're defeated by someone named tomoko with an anime avatar! Sometimes I go by tomokers instead.

  • Mother 2's lord and saviour - all hail Carpainter-sama.

  • ChoppedLiver02: I picked it when I was an edgy 16 year old and stuck with it since it's rarely taken.

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  • ZombieProof is the name of the graphic novel series I co-own and illustrate.

  • @ZombieProof I was about to ask if it was a Frank Zappa reference. :) The Mothers had a great song called Zombie Woof.

  • Ha! I just gave that song a listen and its insane lol. It's like rock's answer to Mr. Bungle's metal lol.

    Zombie Proof is a joint endeavor put out by myself and JC Vaughn from 24, Shi, Vampire PA, and a bunch of other stuff. Its a fun book. It has everything from zombie chihuahuas to a "ZombieProof"-er driven insane by a zombie incident and now hunts the undead with a sword while dressed as Harpo hahaha. New stuff coming in a couple weeks so check your comic shop!

    alt text

  • So in the movie Despicable Me there is a dog named Kyle and the first time you clearly hear him say the name he says "This is Kyle my... dog." when he said that in the theater I immediately knew I was never living it down and after one of my friends consistently saying "This is my dog, Kyle"(He had gotten the quote mixed up a bit) every time he saw me for like a year as a joke I just decided "Screw it" and fully embraced my new name.

  • I started using heavily the internet about the same time I started playing WoW and my main character was called Baztion. The name was partially inspired by the Bastion character in yogioh GX and because in the private server where I used to play, the alliance had few people and pallys were needed, so I was like a stronghold of light (holy tankadin was the most epic thing ever).

    After I left WoW and started using forums, I wanted to keep Baztion but, fearing it would be taken in many places, I opted to give it title. It was between Lord or Sire, Lord sounds better, and here is it.

    Also, my previous username was terrible.