EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

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  • ZombieProof is the name of the graphic novel series I co-own and illustrate.

  • @ZombieProof I was about to ask if it was a Frank Zappa reference. :) The Mothers had a great song called Zombie Woof.

  • Ha! I just gave that song a listen and its insane lol. It's like rock's answer to Mr. Bungle's metal lol.

    Zombie Proof is a joint endeavor put out by myself and JC Vaughn from 24, Shi, Vampire PA, and a bunch of other stuff. Its a fun book. It has everything from zombie chihuahuas to a "ZombieProof"-er driven insane by a zombie incident and now hunts the undead with a sword while dressed as Harpo hahaha. New stuff coming in a couple weeks so check your comic shop!

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  • So in the movie Despicable Me there is a dog named Kyle and the first time you clearly hear him say the name he says "This is Kyle my... dog." when he said that in the theater I immediately knew I was never living it down and after one of my friends consistently saying "This is my dog, Kyle"(He had gotten the quote mixed up a bit) every time he saw me for like a year as a joke I just decided "Screw it" and fully embraced my new name.

  • I started using heavily the internet about the same time I started playing WoW and my main character was called Baztion. The name was partially inspired by the Bastion character in yogioh GX and because in the private server where I used to play, the alliance had few people and pallys were needed, so I was like a stronghold of light (holy tankadin was the most epic thing ever).

    After I left WoW and started using forums, I wanted to keep Baztion but, fearing it would be taken in many places, I opted to give it title. It was between Lord or Sire, Lord sounds better, and here is it.

    Also, my previous username was terrible.

  • Was entering my name in timesplinters 2. which starts with Player 1 as default. every time I came to my friends play to play i would have to delete it again and enter my user name. Half way deleting the default Player 3 I changed my mind and entered Player Pi instead.

    for parasitepaladin: play on the retro way of referring to multiple players with numbers in multiplayer. But the constant is Pi instead of a normal integer.

  • My username is just my name and my middle name and Last name initials

    Wish it was more creative but it is what it is

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    Lotias: One day many many years ago. I was going to register on my first internet forum, however everyone seemed to have a "cool" alias. I also wanted something that didnt start on a letter from my real name for some reason. After thinking long and hard it poped up in my head and have used it ever since (You find me in the EZA streams as Lotiaz though).

  • orgnoxv. Org is for Organization, No is short for number, and XV is 15. So I'm Organization Number 15 in reference to Kingdom Hearts.

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  • I am OMEGA ie: Omega Weapon

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  • In middle school I read "Rave Master," the protagonist of which was "Haru Glory." I liked how the name sounded ("haaaaa-ru") and here we are: I use it for most of my online accounts.

    alt text

    The Rave Master manga was actually pretty good for a fanservice-y shonen. The art in particular was on point. The anime and later Fairy Tail? Ehhhh...

  • "Steph" (what everybody in the real call me) is the popular short version of "Stéphanie" and "Stéphane" (my real name). "le" is "the" in french. "ref" is short for "referee". Me and my friends are big hockey fans and one day my friend called me "le ref" because my friends were having an argument and i was the neutral party trying to get my friends to solve their issues. "Steph" and "ref" rimes well with each other anyway so it was easy to come up with.

  • I'm not a very smart person.

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    Hmm i'm not a girl dude! My name is Stéphane,not Stéphanie. Stéphanie is a chicks name.

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