EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • Used to play the original Super Smash Bros. often with friends when I was little. To help keep track of who you're playing as and to track your stats in that game, it lets you enter a four letter code or name. My username is simply that four letter code name I used to use.

  • Banned

    Art - I do drawings and stuff. Duh, right?

  • @tokeeffe9 Had to shorten it just a little. Is how it looks okay with you? Also, lol. Maybe one day they'll give you the option to change your PSN.

    @Mbun Never wanted to make a longer one? Nothing wrong with it being short and sweet though!

    @Art Duh! I can only imagine getting that username isn't very easy to get most of the time.

  • I was picking a name for the main character in the story I write, and after some time scrambling through internet I've decided for Nillend. Since I liked it so much, I've also used it for my username on almost everything.

  • It's a part of a lyric from a song I like: "The Big Gloom" by Have a Nice Life, which is about the assassination of Marat. Just a part of the song I like, it's the first verse that's harmonized and I like the use of words.

  • An oscillator is the sound generating component of an analog synthesizer. I like analog synthesizers. Rich, warm, ethereal sound.

    In addition, to oscillate means to vibrate. I'm always vibrating with crazy ideas and impulses... xD

  • @parasitepaladin Being short makes it quicker to write, so it's pretty convenient. Also, despite being so short, it's never taken in anything. Only downside is people always assume it stands for something and ask what it stands for when it's closer to high score initials on arcade cabinets where people just write stuff like SEX or CAR or ACE. It never stood for anything.

  • @parasitepaladin Ya, fine with me.

  • I love Naughty Dog and Jak & Daxter, and I particularly love this early area in the first game. It's somehow really tranquil and the aesthetics there calm me.

  • You'd think with a name like DramaticSlowMo that the reason for my name would obviously have something to do with an action scenario, but it's actually inspired by a song...

    Youtube Video

  • I really like mecha stuff and thought I was being clever (nope).

  • M was knocked back because the forum has a character minimum, so I added a "Mr" just in case the opportunity to say "That's MR M to you, buddyboy" ever comes up.

  • Because Chie is the best waifu and everyone should know. Also, when EZA was announced I wanted to make a new username and decided on this in-joke from the GT days.

  • My friends play Dota, and I am the noob among them.. I cannot face another player one on one.. So every time I see someone I "run back" and bring one of my friends to the battle.. so the name - runner. 609 is just a arbitrary number..

  • Song is from when I went to my first melee tourney and i didn't have a tag so I said the first word that came into my head. before that i was of 'nickrox' and i didn't want to be known as that

  • Ruaidhri18- Ruaidhri is the old gaelic way of spelling my name, Rory, meaning "red king" from the Irish ruadh, meaning "red", and rí, meaning "king." This was a spelling of my name that I had discovered in 8th grade, and it is a name I have used ever since for playing fantasy RPGs, MMOs, and user names. Its also fun to hear people confused on how to announce it, so I keep using it. The 18 is just day of my birth.

  • Shtebenus It's a really stupid story. Me and a friend in school wrote a play about being a gladiator. My character name was Shtebenus a play on my real name Steven. Kinda stuck since then and it's still my go to username. Been about 14 years.
    I often get asked how you pronounce it: shtee-ben-us. Online I refer to my username as just Shte. Seems simpler.

  • My username is from Elder Scrolls lore.

    From Tiber Septim's History;
    "The most commonly accepted story within the Empire is that Tiber Septim was born in Atmora as Talos, meaning Stormcrown in old Ehlnofey, hence Talos Stormcrown"

    I add another N because Stormcrown is taken on a few sites, and I like having the same name.

  • My favourite German Thrash Metal band.