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  • Womble - From the UK children's show 'The Wombles'

  • Taken from a passage within Friedrich Nietzsche's works, I try to tap into the spirit of the passage and draw inspiration from it, to be a better individual in whatever small, realistic measure that I can attain.

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  • I've had crustef for over a decade now. Basically I'm dumb and couldn't spell. When I was making my name I was super into family guy and that one joke/scene about Russians where Khruschev shows up and dances. I named myself Crustef bc I legitimately thought that was how you spelled his name. It just sort of stuck and I'm pretty attached now. It's my username for all gaming platforms.

  • Brandon_Reister: It's my name.

  • Lianard : Varient of leonard , name passed down the men in my mums family i varied it to pay homage and use it online and my yooungest sons middle name.

  • Danerous - My brother started calling me Dane, then Daner and then sometimes Danerous. I liked Daner better but as it often was taken as username Danerous was second pick.

  • Megami Tensei is my favourite game franchise so I named myself after the best score you can give a game imo

  • tostidos was a nickname my best friend in high school gave me and it stuck. Really close to my last name.

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  • A nickname I was given from a friend during my prime of the Rock Band 2 and eventually 3 days. I was able to pass some really difficult songs on guitar expert mode and even completed the endless setlist as a full band. I'm not as good as I once was since I rarely play now but I look at it as a title to remind me of my glory days!

  • Woody was my nickname in secondary school and Berlin originated from the name of a popular Trance artist I used to listen to called Dash Berlin.

    I used Gloop nowadays, because it' simpler and doesn't really bare any significance other than sounding cool (to me). I would love to change my PSN, I made a new Twitch channel just to change it and I use Gloop on YT.

  • Mine? That's simple...Persona 5 is going to be amazing.

  • Gahwah = 'Coffee' in Arabic
    o = slang for 'and' in Arabic
    tech= technology

    it's a mash of what I love and do everyday.

  • Really enjoyed The Dharma Bums in my early teens. Japhy was an incredibly fascinating character (whose traits I don't embrace).

  • Literally just my name, but written in the same way everyone in my family abbreviates it
    Noam ALTMAn-Kurosaki = naltmank
    I'm not very creative -_-

  • When I started playing Diablo 3 I finally needed a good username:

    I came up with Kuranghi [Koo-Rang-Ghee], I thought it sounded heroic and silly both at once.

    But when I came to make multiple/seasonal heroes I wanted to stick with my current name because I liked it so much, so I just cut the front letter off and put on another letter and now I have 20ish [Uuranghi & Ruranghi are a bit weird and others sound similar] variations!

    So on here, I am Furanghi [Foo-Rang-Ghee, ofc], because my twitch account is Furanghi so I thought I'd keep it simple.

    So, if you ever meet a/an:


    Then its probably me. :chart_with_upwards_trend: :video_game:

  • I'm just a generic person. Nothing special here.

  • TanookiMystique - Those are my cat's names. (Here follows a crazy cat lady moment, for all of you who would now prefer to stop reading) Tanooki is an orange beige-ish tabby with stout legs, striped tail, round face and small roundish ears, so the name is pretty self-explanatory. Side note, since he also has orange eyes, I wanted to call him Rémy Lebeau but my boyfriend somehow didn't find it as funny as I did. Mystique is a calico-tricolored-white mash up, and she looks really different depending on what part of her is facing you, hence she became our color-shifting x-men feline. It was either that or Mrs,TwoFace,)