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  • Skate because I used to skate a lot, Jimmy is my name, and at the first place I registered it on Skatejimmy was taken so 5 is a random number.

  • Kofenheimer: the mix between 2 names from warhammer online names generator, kept it since 2008

  • Just my real name. Don't remember using it when signing up but, whatever. Nothing to hide. Pic is me too.

  • Minor Threat wrote a song called "Guilty of Being White." I'm simply guilty of being a lot of things.

  • Bandits go pow pow =P

  • The letters of my name (Alejandro) re-arranged, minus 1 "a"

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  • i was on gt a long time ago between 2007-2010 ff7cloud was my name mostly hid on faction namely the final fantasy faction and the jrpg faction and i actually had my own faction the legend of dragoon faction. so if there are any of you that remember me from gt (i doubt it it was 8 years ago) send me a message id be great to catch up.

  • A long time ago, it started off as Zeldamaster. Then eventually got abbreviated to Zdman, still referring to Zelda. But, now, I prefer to be called Z.D. The "man" just makes it long enough to be a valid username.

  • I like fire. This username is usually taken but somehow I managed to get it here.


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  • I had gone through most of my life as "squallnate" but figured it was time to grow past my angsty hero Squall and become someone a little more unique. So I stole half of my favorite site at the time, Destructoid, and added a tiny bit of one of my nicknames. "Nae". Got 'em.

  • MadGoat - A long long time ago, little kid me was playing Ultima Online for the first time. Exploring this whole new world I stumbled into a plain when all of a sudden a goat went berserk and decided to try and murder me. After a long fist fight with the goat, it finally got me. That's when I learned the harsh reality of this new world I just stepped into. I loved this game and played it for years... it's just an awesome memory. And I thought it sounded kinda cool.

  • Cannonfood
    Back in the days of the first Quake we played multiplayer at our school. I got to use the worst computer, and also didn't get to join either the red or the blue team playing (because I was too bad at the game) So I named myself "CannonFood", picked the orange color, got in the players way and had a good time in my own team. It Stuck with me ever since!

  • Wellp, mine is pretty easy, huge MGS fan so obviously I wanted to make a reference and what could be better than the ninja super soldiers from MGS2?

  • I had this game as a kid called Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, kind of a babies first RPG. The game contained motes that allowed you to add different abilities to your sword. At the time I thought they were pronounced molts for some reason. The name has stuck with me ever since.

  • Bearlociraptr23. In high school me and some friends had a weird joke about how if a bear ever crossed with a velociraptor the world would basically end. So it was the bearlociraptor, and I needed one less character so I dropped the second O. 23 comes from another friend of mine who honest to god thinks the number 23 is magic and haunts him.

  • The first part of my username comes from Jolee Bindo a jedi consular from the legendary game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic the last name Honso I kinda just made up nothing too crazy I know thanks for wondering!

  • Mine is just a play off my last name. Growing up everyone thought my last name sounded like a dinosaur so I just ran with it

  • Mine was given to me by a friend of mine. It's a Spongebob reference that totally absolutely doesn't reflect what my real name is