EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • Cannonfood
    Back in the days of the first Quake we played multiplayer at our school. I got to use the worst computer, and also didn't get to join either the red or the blue team playing (because I was too bad at the game) So I named myself "CannonFood", picked the orange color, got in the players way and had a good time in my own team. It Stuck with me ever since!

  • Wellp, mine is pretty easy, huge MGS fan so obviously I wanted to make a reference and what could be better than the ninja super soldiers from MGS2?

  • I had this game as a kid called Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, kind of a babies first RPG. The game contained motes that allowed you to add different abilities to your sword. At the time I thought they were pronounced molts for some reason. The name has stuck with me ever since.

  • Bearlociraptr23. In high school me and some friends had a weird joke about how if a bear ever crossed with a velociraptor the world would basically end. So it was the bearlociraptor, and I needed one less character so I dropped the second O. 23 comes from another friend of mine who honest to god thinks the number 23 is magic and haunts him.

  • The first part of my username comes from Jolee Bindo a jedi consular from the legendary game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic the last name Honso I kinda just made up nothing too crazy I know thanks for wondering!

  • Mine is just a play off my last name. Growing up everyone thought my last name sounded like a dinosaur so I just ran with it

  • Mine was given to me by a friend of mine. It's a Spongebob reference that totally absolutely doesn't reflect what my real name is

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  • When a pc first boots up, it starts executing at physical address 0xffff0. Since I'm a programmer I've chosen ffff0 as my nickname.

  • Mine is mononym . Though the last part has a meaning I swear I didn't create on urban dictionary.

    Being waysome is the highest form of superiorty. There is no going beyond waysome, waysome is the maxX an object or being can reach. When something is called or referred to as waysome, it should be admired for it's superiority over life. Being called waysome is the greatest honor and has the same feeling as looking into the face of god and having him say you are his finest creation.

  • Mine is simple. Crimson is my favorite color combination(red and black) and I like how the word sparks sounds with it. :P

  • Mine came up one day when I was remembering my favorite moments from The Simpsons. Homer falling into Bart's trap of oh so tempting floor pie. A mighty dessert.

  • My first name is Robin. So the username ofLoxley seemed to fit.

  • Kin is the alias I use for my design work. It references both 'next of kin' but also the Japanese for gold with KIN stylised into the kanji for gold 金 when on it's side. My social media incorporate 'dreadspirit' as an extension of KINdread spirit. I always liked videogame characters with weird names.

  • Baccano is my favorite japanese animation.

  • In the visual novel "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" a Logic Error is a game breaking mistake a Game Master can cause if they create a contradiction in their mystery. Fixing the error can take an eternity, admitting defeat instead results in the game board being destroyed, so it is seen as the worst mistake a Game Master can make.

    That is where I took it from, but it is also a computer programming bug, which is where I assume people will think I adopted it.

  • @parasitepaladin My friends and I used to backyard wrestle in the 1990s and I created my character, Censor for that. I used a variation of DDP's Diamond Cutter as my finisher and I'd say,"You've just been censored." Corny as heck. So corny I decided I should lose the championship by my own finisher and told my opponent to say, "I just censored Erik." I stopped wrestling after that match cause I got a concussion.

  • WildSaltyBosmanAppears - I chose to make something that is a fun and playful take on both Bosman's love of the Pokémon franchise and make a light hearted jab at his sometimes unintentionally abrasive personality traits when replying to or interacting with some of the other Allies

  • Friends of mine at work used to call me cracker(another story) as a joke. One day I said "Let's get this straight, if I am a cracker we need it be known I'm not a bland Saltine, if anything I'm a Ritz Roasted Vegetable kind of cracker". From then on they would call me Ritz. The number comes from the store we worked at

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