EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • Mine came up one day when I was remembering my favorite moments from The Simpsons. Homer falling into Bart's trap of oh so tempting floor pie. A mighty dessert.

  • My first name is Robin. So the username ofLoxley seemed to fit.

  • Kin is the alias I use for my design work. It references both 'next of kin' but also the Japanese for gold with KIN stylised into the kanji for gold 金 when on it's side. My social media incorporate 'dreadspirit' as an extension of KINdread spirit. I always liked videogame characters with weird names.

  • Baccano is my favorite japanese animation.

  • In the visual novel "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" a Logic Error is a game breaking mistake a Game Master can cause if they create a contradiction in their mystery. Fixing the error can take an eternity, admitting defeat instead results in the game board being destroyed, so it is seen as the worst mistake a Game Master can make.

    That is where I took it from, but it is also a computer programming bug, which is where I assume people will think I adopted it.

  • @parasitepaladin My friends and I used to backyard wrestle in the 1990s and I created my character, Censor for that. I used a variation of DDP's Diamond Cutter as my finisher and I'd say,"You've just been censored." Corny as heck. So corny I decided I should lose the championship by my own finisher and told my opponent to say, "I just censored Erik." I stopped wrestling after that match cause I got a concussion.

  • WildSaltyBosmanAppears - I chose to make something that is a fun and playful take on both Bosman's love of the Pokémon franchise and make a light hearted jab at his sometimes unintentionally abrasive personality traits when replying to or interacting with some of the other Allies

  • Friends of mine at work used to call me cracker(another story) as a joke. One day I said "Let's get this straight, if I am a cracker we need it be known I'm not a bland Saltine, if anything I'm a Ritz Roasted Vegetable kind of cracker". From then on they would call me Ritz. The number comes from the store we worked at

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  • Sup Dudes

    Youtube Video

  • I was trying to come up with a unique domain name with my roommate in university. Adjective, noun and bam binarymelon was born.

  • MyxeQ: Official pronounced "My-Zeck" (Original pronunciation: "Mix-Cue") . Originally "Myxe" but some sites would not accept 4 letter usernames. Chose it as handle in 2003 as a "Mix" of Mikey my real name. I added the "Q" as the 5th letter because it is my favorite letter. TO this day I have not seen a 5 letter word baffle so many people in its pronunciation.

  • Been Pikagreg for all of my usernames since WWF Smackdown on the PS1 for my Create a Wrestler. I liked Pokemon a lot and had a tiny pikachu toy on my backpack at school I bought from a mom and pop game store. When that store shut down they gave me their entire stock on that Pikachu toy and I kept one on my backpack throughout college.

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    Came up with it back in 2007 when I got my first PS3 and I was trying to figure out a name that also had all my favorite things at the time (still love now.)

  • Well my initial name was SIX2SE7EN. I don't know if many of you know me but i joined Gametrailers back in 2005 and have had multiple change of accounts due to technical problem with the site and the upgrades.

    MSBi are basically my name initials and i stuck with it because I felt the need to not hide my persona under a made up name.

  • Puppeteer. One of the most underrated games of last gen, I simply love it and I like the name Kutaro. Nothing fancy.

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  • well its simple. its my last name. friends that I play with call me Fett and from there you can guess the rest.

  • Some letters from my first, and last name mushed together. Also Rhino was my nickname as a young'n.