EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • M was knocked back because the forum has a character minimum, so I added a "Mr" just in case the opportunity to say "That's MR M to you, buddyboy" ever comes up.

  • Because Chie is the best waifu and everyone should know. Also, when EZA was announced I wanted to make a new username and decided on this in-joke from the GT days.

  • My friends play Dota, and I am the noob among them.. I cannot face another player one on one.. So every time I see someone I "run back" and bring one of my friends to the battle.. so the name - runner. 609 is just a arbitrary number..

  • Song is from when I went to my first melee tourney and i didn't have a tag so I said the first word that came into my head. before that i was of 'nickrox' and i didn't want to be known as that

  • Ruaidhri18- Ruaidhri is the old gaelic way of spelling my name, Rory, meaning "red king" from the Irish ruadh, meaning "red", and rí, meaning "king." This was a spelling of my name that I had discovered in 8th grade, and it is a name I have used ever since for playing fantasy RPGs, MMOs, and user names. Its also fun to hear people confused on how to announce it, so I keep using it. The 18 is just day of my birth.

  • Shtebenus It's a really stupid story. Me and a friend in school wrote a play about being a gladiator. My character name was Shtebenus a play on my real name Steven. Kinda stuck since then and it's still my go to username. Been about 14 years.
    I often get asked how you pronounce it: shtee-ben-us. Online I refer to my username as just Shte. Seems simpler.

  • My username is from Elder Scrolls lore.

    From Tiber Septim's History;
    "The most commonly accepted story within the Empire is that Tiber Septim was born in Atmora as Talos, meaning Stormcrown in old Ehlnofey, hence Talos Stormcrown"

    I add another N because Stormcrown is taken on a few sites, and I like having the same name.

  • My favourite German Thrash Metal band.

  • Faaip - Joined GT as faaipdeoiad13 (after the Tool song) back in the day and eventually decided to shorten it because I thought it looked better. Now I just use it for most gaming things because there tend to not be a lot of other Faaips.

  • SabotageTheTruth - I just genuinely like the way the words fit together for my username. I could assign it some deeper meaning, but I'd be lying to everyone. I'd be... sabotaging the truth.

  • Vexchaneu Vex(vexing) cha(chaotic) neu(neutral)

  • Mine is the first letter of my first name P, and my last name Phair.

    Some people read it as PeePeeHair which dates back to when I was doing exams. My friends and I were sitting out on the grass between exams, the term pphair came up somehow and we had a good laugh at how silly it was.

  • Michemagius. My name is Michelle. I like Pokemon, especially Ghost type Pokemon. Mismagius is one of my favorites and blends well with my name. It was originally Michedreavus but someone stole it during April Fools, it's a long story.

    Childofaeolus (non-gaming related username): I liked Percy Jackson and greek Mythology in general in middle school, and I haven't changed my username since then.

  • My name is Connor, and when I was very little I had already taken a liking to computers, so my Grandpa nicknamed me Icon(still the only nickname I've ever gotten). When I was ~10, I got Starcraft, and went to sign up for Battle.net, and found "Icon" had already been taken, so I just threw a wicked "Killer" in front of it, and it's been my handle for the 15+ years since.

  • Banned

    My nickname IRL is "Shmee" but that name would often be taken in games or on forums.

    One of my favorite games ever is Diablo, and one of my favorite cars ever is the Lamborghini Diablo, so I just combined my nickname with that. I thought just "Shmiablo" was a little lacking, so I added an El to sound all ethnic n' shit.

    Yeah. Pretty dumb.

  • So about 15 years ago when I bought my first gaming PC, I had to pick my gaming nickname for IRC, counter strike and so. Originally it was Mosekurt, now Kurt is a name, and Mose is Danish for a bog. It's not a great name but I grew up around a bog, and there was this old guy we called Mosekurt. Eventually it just morphed into MonsTruz for some reason. I have now used that name for about 14 years.

  • Yeoubie - Yeou means fox in Korean, and Bi(e) means rain in Korean. I love the rain, and I love foxes. I like the sound of it, and the look of it. I'm currently also studying Korean so I'm just in a Korean mood overall. Needed a new online alias since my old one was embarrassing and I just wanted a new start.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I see what you did there ;)

  • I guess I'm actually a number.