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  • Been Pikagreg for all of my usernames since WWF Smackdown on the PS1 for my Create a Wrestler. I liked Pokemon a lot and had a tiny pikachu toy on my backpack at school I bought from a mom and pop game store. When that store shut down they gave me their entire stock on that Pikachu toy and I kept one on my backpack throughout college.

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    Came up with it back in 2007 when I got my first PS3 and I was trying to figure out a name that also had all my favorite things at the time (still love now.)

  • Well my initial name was SIX2SE7EN. I don't know if many of you know me but i joined Gametrailers back in 2005 and have had multiple change of accounts due to technical problem with the site and the upgrades.

    MSBi are basically my name initials and i stuck with it because I felt the need to not hide my persona under a made up name.

  • Puppeteer. One of the most underrated games of last gen, I simply love it and I like the name Kutaro. Nothing fancy.

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    @Jacob-Levelle Ehhhhh. Got a small text introduction? Also, are you the person that called Kyle a nazi on twitter?

  • well its simple. its my last name. friends that I play with call me Fett and from there you can guess the rest.

  • Some letters from my first, and last name mushed together. Also Rhino was my nickname as a young'n.

  • So acejackson777. To be honest I have had this username so long the details of its inception are a bit hazy at best. When I was a youngster I wanted to be on the leaderboards for some games on Armor Games and also an account on playlist.com to link it to my Myspace. I liked the Ace card in the deck, especially because my dad talk me poker. I tried to make it a name and wanted something cool sounding. Jacks also came as a good combo with aces so Jackson was born. Trip sevens is just a gambling relation that also has some luck and religion thrown in. So thats how it was born.

  • MaxfieldStanton - A terrible Americanized dub name from the 90's Sailor Moon anime. The character is ridiculous and it's a pseudonym within the show.

  • GMan has been my nickname since I was a little kid back in 1992. Ironically I have never played Half-Life.

  • I don't exactly remember how it started, but at some point one of my friends called me a diva and I totally yucked it up like a cartoonish super diva-like personality as a joke, but then decided that wasn't actually such a bad name to call myself!

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    creycreycrey - I like short lowercase names. "crey" came from cray, short for crazy. Turns out crey is already used pretty much everywhere, so I became creycrey and later creycreycrey.

  • I love ramen. Especially shio which translates to "salt".

  • New to forums so thought this might be a good place to start :P
    My username's a play on "Youtube" and how I hear Europeans say it.
    Thought it up about 8 years ago from my old friend on Habbo (when that was a thing) who pronounced it that way and it stuck ever since.

  • Just my first then last names spelled backward. But sounds awesome!

  • Sword Familiar from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I just love that game. My avatar is the Star Dragon Sword from Suikoden though, but they are pretty similar.

  • I had the radically creative idea of using my first name =)

  • Last 4 letters of my last name and last 4 digits of the phone number I used at the time.

  • La_Liz: The (feminine pronoun) Liz (my name). On Twitch I'm "stuffinmybeard" which is a reference to an idea my husband and I had after I started putting earrings into his beard to see if they stayed. They did. We never made the website though.